Apple kills support for Safari 6 on Windows

Not many Windows users may have used the Safari browser, but if you are one of them, you might be disappointed to know that Apple may not be supporting Safari v6 on Windows.

If you visit the Safari home page on Apple’s website, you will not find any download link to download the browser. Moreover, it now clearly says that:

The latest version of Safari is available in Mountain Lion. The latest version of Safari for Lion is available through Software Update.

If you try to download Safari 5 by clicking on the prominent Download button on the Apple website, you will get redirected to the new Safari 6 home page. For Apple’s other products for Windows like, say QuickTime or iTunes, you can clearly see the download button links   prominently displayed. But such a download link is now no longer available for Safari 6.

If you check the Bing cache, you will see that, till recently, there did exist a download link for the PC version too.Here is a screen shot of the Bing cache as on 17th June.

One less browser for Windows users, from the oh-so-many browsers already available for Windows PC’s!

Will you miss it, if it is indeed discontinued!?

Via: Neowin.

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