Bing improves Voice Recognition on Windows Phone

Windows Phone users in US can now use an updated version of voice recognition feature. The updated voice recognition capabilities in Windows Phone now are 15% more accurate and twice as fast.Bing voice recognition

Rolling out gradually, this update is currently accessible only for Windows Phone users in US right now and is expected to reach rest of the world in coming weeks/months. However, there is no word from Bing about the availability of the update for Windows Phone users outside the US.

Microsoft Research Team and Bing have together worked to improve the previous voice recognition experience in Windows Phone. The two teams have used the DNN technology to make the voice recognition more accurate and faster. DNN Technology makes the Bing voice capabilities more easily recognizable by cutting the background noise. Bing has also worked on the word error rate and the response time.

Explaining the DNN technology, team Bing says, “DNN technology can detect patterns akin to the way biological systems recognize patterns. By coupling MSR’s major research breakthroughs in the use of DNNs with the large datasets provided by Bing’s massive index, the DNNs were able to learn more quickly and help Bing voice capabilities get noticeably closer to the way humans recognize speech.”

In their official blog post, team Bing assures much more improvements in Microsoft devices and services in the near future.

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