Bing introduces ‘Bing Pulse’ to promote Online Political Discussions in US

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  1. Christopher

    Thus far, the President is psycho babbling, and is saying only what the public wants to hear, nothing about how to achieve any of the so called plans. This country is in trouble, too many citizens like the words and leave it there. Like sheep being let to the slaughter house. Our population must do more to understand how this country should operate. opportunity is key, not hand outs, and now we should strengthen our military based on new information about No. Korea and Iran and a few of the middle East countries.
    A score of D of the President.

  2. Why do you have to keep telling the same lies over and over again? Do you not think that the people are very tired of hearing the same story. All you white house people can not get anything done for the American Citizen about what you can take away from us.

  3. Joseph M

    This President is the biggest Hyprocrite ever elected as President of the United States. He has violated most of his own promises stated here tonight. His stance and resolutions to violent gun crimes is outrageous. Every Senator/Representative who signs such laws should be held personally responsible for the next criminal masacre just as if they pulled the trigger themselves. So far, the solutions to this problem hasn’t been addressed. We need moer institutions to take care of the mentally disturbed individuals and provide funds for them to get the help they need. It’s time to abolish the band aide cosmetic solutions being pushed onto the law abideing citizens of this Country and deal with the real problems. Non-law abiding citizens and the mentally disabled.

  4. Donna

    Mr President I aploud your speech tonight & the courage to raise mimium wages by 9 dollars come on for real just 9 dollars by D time tax come out & companies raise their prices & they will, Who will benefit & how will just 9 dollars help D poor & middle class. Why should D working class people have to be force to live in povety when we make the economy just like more of D working class voted for U. U R D President of the home,brave, & D free. U can do better so, Do better than 9dollars thank U. PS.imagine living in Louisiana @ 7 something an hour. Sorry for 7something I have passed that point because of time on my job. Donna

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