Bing now lets you search the Solar System

Bing has practically extended search results out of the World by adding Solar System to its database. The popular search engine from Microsoft shows you a pretty interactive Solar System map when you search for the Solar System. The map shows different the planets and stars, including the Sun while letting you speed up, pause or reverse its trajectory.

Search the Solar System with Bing

Go to and enter Solar System and you will see an interactive map with moving planets. Refer the screenshot below.

solar system

When you hover the mouse on the map you can actually change the trajectory of the planets revolving around the sun.

solar system

Also by using “-“and “+” sign you can decrease or increase the speed of rotations making your experience really interactive.

The map in total shows you sun and 8 planets – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Earth. On placing the mouse pointer on any of them you can get their vital stats such as –

  • Mass with respect to Earth
  • Radius with respect to Earth
  • Period in years
  • Speed in km/ Sec
  • Perihelion in au
  • Aphelion in au

solar system

In case you are interested in knowing more about the planets or sun, just click on them and Bing Search will automatically suggest you results in another window.

The Bing Education Team on Reddit says that their developers worked really hard on it!

The map should show up on all desktop browsers and on iOS and Android in any English-speaking market. Windows Phone users please excuse!

They are also going to ship this feature and our other educational features to more countries soon.

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