Business Enterprises may have to continue using Internet Explorer in Windows 10

Updates are essential for an operating system and its applications to stay secure. Though many of the users are excited at the thought of the new browser in Windows that has been named Edge, there are reports that business houses will have to continue using Internet Explorer even after migrating to Windows 10.

issues with IE11

The reason being stated by business houses, such as Gartner Inc, is that they won’t be able to keep on adjusting their business software according to the speed with which, Microsoft will provide updates to the Edge browser. They say that trying to use Edge, which will be updated very frequently, will keep the IT people occupied – with no time for other processes. This is why they will still be using Internet Explorer as a legacy browser even after moving to Windows 10. That is to say, the first few years will see business houses using Internet Explorer even on Windows 10 though there is a better browser available.

Microsoft Corporation also has to say the same thing. In an earlier post, we had said how Microsoft will provide updates to time critical organizations – allowing them to update with minimum downtime. But if the updates affect the internal software, they have to leave out the updates and that is not an option. Though Microsoft will allow them to choose the time to apply the updates, deferring an update indefinitely is just not possible and hence instead of trying to bring in Edge as preferred browser into the corporate software, organizations will continue using IE (that offers backward functionality simply by inserting a code) with their internal software.

Windows 10 will be the first operating system from Microsoft that will have two Microsoft browsers running side by side. While home and small businesses might move to Edge, corporate houses have to stick to their software and they will stick to Internet Explorer, keeping it alive for months to come.

There has been an advisory by Microsoft that all enterprises should start using the latest Internet Explorer for their operating systems. That is, if any business house is still using Windows 7, they have to go for IE11 by Jan, 2016. It is expected that the enterprise edition of Windows 10 will be released around the same time.

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