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IE users are dumb story: Bogus study from a bogus company!

A few days back we had reported about an amusing story, where a Canadian firm AptiQuant had carried out an online survey and reached the conclusion that Internet Explorer users are the dumbest; Opera users, the smartest. It now appears […]

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Follow every catch, every six on the cool IE9 powered Yahoo! Cricket

For a cricket crazy nation with 1.2 billion cricketholics who eat, drink and breathe cricket, Internet Explorer 9 presents a unique opportunity of getting a quicker, richer web experience on Yahoo! Cricket through the unique ‘Cricket Tab’.

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Download IE8 & get a free unreleased Nickelback song!

Microsoft has come up with yet another promotion for Internet Explorer 8.  ‘Because the best just is’nt enough‘, Microsoft is offering an exclusive unreleased track from Nickelback when you download and install this special edition of  Windows Internet Explorer 8, […]