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File sharing on Skype

File sharing on Skype just got easier

Skype has become a popular tool used for communication; whether it’s corporate or personal. People are finding Skype quite easy and handy way to communicate with each other. Skype also lets you share videos, images and documents over the chat. […]


Men are more addicted to phones than women, says Kaspersky

According to an experiment carried out on behalf of Kaspersky Lab by the Universities of Würzburg and Nottingham Trent, men find it more difficult to stay away from their phones for a longer period as compared to women. The study […]


Countries with higher IQ scores have lower software piracy rates, says Study

Based on the information provided by the Business Software Alliance, an analysis found that national IQ score correlates with local software piracy rates. As per the study published by Raufhon Salahodjaev, Shoirahon Odilova, and Antonio R. Andr´es in their research […]


Net Neutrality wins in the US court

The broadband industry in the United States has been defeated in its lawsuit suing the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) reclassification of Internet Service Providers as common carriers and Net Neutrality regulations. However, in Tuesday’s ruling, the US Court of Appeals for […]

Security Loophole Emerges in Yahoo Recycled Emails

Yahoo to stop support for Messenger; to discontinue Recommends

Yahoo Messenger has been one of the treasured things of my first encounters with the Internet. It was during the 2000’s that I found myself hooked to the Yahoo Messenger and we as a group of friends also had a […]


Over 8 billion devices are now connected to the Internet

According to a recent IHS Technology’s Connected Device Market Monitor report, there were over 8 billion devices connected to the World Wide Web at the end of 2015. Surprisingly enough, it’s not the PCs or Laptops that are leading these […]

TeamViewer accounts getting hacked

TeamViewer enhances security; rolls out 2 new features

TeamViewer appears to be in the denial mode over the recent controversy that revealed its customers’ accounts were hacked. The service suggested that the issue was related to the recent leak of account information from MySpace and Tumblr. In an […]


Vivaldi browser launches its new version 1.2 with smarter tab options

Vivaldi, the Chrome-based Google-free web browser has launched its new version 1.2 with smarter tab options, more customization features and mouse gestures. Targeted at the avid internet users, Vivaldi 1.2 is the third upgrade since its launch in April. Vivaldi […]

Inspiron 5000 2-in-1s Laptops

Dell unveils Windows 10 Inspiron 2-in-1 laptops at Computex 2016

Computex, the international information technology event is basically focused on computers. While many computer hardware companies revealed their upcoming machines and devices at Computex 2016, Dell has some wonderful Windows 10 machines for students, aspiring entrepreneurs and families at a […]


Acer unveils a new range of Windows 10 PCs

Acer is all set with its new range of Windows 10 PCs idea for ideal for students, businesses and families. The new portfolio includes Acer Switch V 10, Acer Switch One 10, and the TravelMate P2 Series. Starting with a […]

Microsoft Edge accessibility architecture

New Microsoft Edge accessibility architecture to improve user experience

The Microsoft Edge team constantly works on the new browser from Microsoft to provide better user experience every time. Now, the team has built a new accessibility architecture for Microsoft Edge that will improve user experience. This new Microsoft Edge […]

Google Chrome

Chrome to stop Page Roll Back when you accidentally hit Backspace

While filling any form if we accidentally push the backspace button, the Google Chrome browser instantly navigates to previous page. This default behavior turns the backspace key into an irritant. Fortunately, Chrome has come up with a solution for it. […]

skype logo

Skype UWP Preview app filled with bugs but has potential

There’s a new version of Skype out there known as Skype UWP. As the name suggests, this is the universal app version of the popular messenger and voice calling service for Windows 10. It was recently made available through the […]


Windows 10 upgrades will remain free to customers using Assistive Technologies

A recent Microsoft Accessibility blog post mentions that the Windows 10 upgrades will always remain free for customers who are using Assistive Technologies. Assistive technology offers Accessibility features for those users who are differently abled. For those who are not […]

Windows 10

HP announces new Pavilion line of Windows 10 devices

HP has announced a bag of redesigned Windows 10 PCs including convertibles, notebooks and desktops that the company will start selling later this month. Dubbed as Pavilion portfolio, these devices are bringing some innovative features to the users such as […]

Word Flow Keyboard for iPhones

Microsoft launches Word Flow Keyboard for iPhones

Microsoft Garage is known for turning innovative ideas into real projects. The Word Flow Keyboard has been one of the most loved Windows Phone projects by Microsoft Garage. With a goal of expanding its services on multiple platforms, Microsoft has […]


Google tracks every movement of its users, says report

No user is free from online tracking! The Internet giant – Google was embroiled in several controversies over the issue of tracking its users which raised many concerns over privacy of users who carry their smartphones with them. Our Smartphones […]

Changing browser experience

Microsoft announces a change in Browser Experience Policy

Microsoft has recently made some remarkable changes in the browser experience policy. With this policy, the software giant is focusing more on the behavior of the browsers that modify the content of the webpages. Recently, Microsoft published a blog on […]

Chrome 50 Release

Chrome releases Infographic on the occasion of its 50th release

Google Chrome web browser has just hit its 50th release. Chrome today posted a detailed infographic on the official blog, showcasing the big and impressive numbers. As per the infographic, Google Chrome, originally launched in the year 2008 has now […]

acer predator desktops

Acer launches the Predator Series of Windows computers in India

Acer has been known for Acer for its strong presence in PC gaming. The Taiwanese company launched its new Predator series in Delhi, India. The newly launched series include notebooks, desktops, monitors, and projectors optimized for gaming. ACER Predator Series […]

TWC Vivaldi

Vivaldi web browser is out of beta; Stable version released

After months of waiting, Vivaldi 1.0 is here and we have to say, it is a significant improvement over the beta builds. The browser is much smoother and has less bugs for us to worry about while browsing our favorite […]


WhatsApp messages are now entirely encrypted

All your WhatsApp communications and data are now fully end-to-end encrypted, says WhatsApp. After more than a yearlong signal protocol integration, WhatsApp finally has announced that all your messages, calls, photos, videos are completely encrypted end-to-end. WhatsApp messages encrypted WhatsApp […]

hp spectre new design

HP announces redesigned HP Spectre with Windows 10

HP today announced their redesigned HP Spectre powered by Windows 10. This new and redesigned HP Spectre comes with an exceptionally stunning design and improved performance and functionality with full Intel Core i5 or i7 power. Designed with durable aluminum […]