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Bing Home page image goes HD, wide-screen, new image captions and more features

Bing today announced providing one of the most requested features – high-definition images for its home page. Starting today, the Bing home page image will be HD, wide-screen and include many more improvements. Wide-screen, High-definition Bing homepage One of the most requested […]


Google launches Contributor program that lets you block ads

Google has launched a new service named Contributor that will allow readers to kill advertisements on their favorite websites for a monthly fee. The way the Google Contributor program works is that, users can choose to make a monthly contribution […]


Office mobile for Android updated with OneDrive sharing and Dropbox support

Microsoft had earlier, announced its strategic partnership with Dropbox for Office integration. This partnership will help integrate services for collaboration across Dropbox and Microsoft Office on phones, tablets and the Web. With the latest updates for the Office Mobile app […]


Yahoo Search to become the default search for Firefox

Replacing the leading search engine Google, Yahoo has now become the default search engine of Firefox browser in the U.S. Ending its decade long partnership with Google Inc., Mozilla Corp. today announced its new partnership with Yahoo Inc. for next five […]


Twitter’s new powerful search lets you search for all tweets

Taking microblogging to next level, Twitter has launched its new and powerful search index today. Twitter has been around since 2006 and has gained a continuous popularity ever since its inception. The lately released search engine of Twitter allows user […]

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups, a new app by Facebook, launched

If you are a die-hard fan or a regular user of Facebook, this is something of your interest. Along with the fleet of apps by Facebook such as Rooms, Paper and Slingshot; the giant has launched yet another app called […]


Microsoft Curah completes one year

Microsoft Curah complete 1 year this 20th. Launched last year, the portal has become quite popular in a short period of time. Microsoft Curah, aims to be a one-stop portal where all content is well-organized, and solutions are developed by technical […]

rebrand internet explorer

Microsoft may introduce Public-Key Pinning feature for Internet Explorer

A vast amount of information becomes readily accessible online today. It is therefore, essential to have adequate safeguard mechanisms in place to protect such vital resource. As such, browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox that provide key to this resource, […]


Microsoft launches TryLumiaPhone, an Online Emulator for Lumia Smartphones

Microsoft has released an online emulator, Trylumiaphone, for Lumia devices, where a user can try a Lumia phone before buying it. The emulator tells how Cortona, a voice based assistant tool for Windows Phone works. User can ask Cortona to do anything […]


Microsoft India planning free Internet using White Space technology

Aiming to widen internet reach in rural India, Microsoft India is planning to provide free internet using White Space technology. Microsoft wants to take last mile internet connectivity to remote parts of India. For this, Microsoft has proposed the telecom […]


Firefox to start displaying ads

If you are a Firefox user, now get ready to see advertisements in your browser as Mozilla has started displaying ads in it. The decision comes on the eve of the launch of Firefox 33.1 which was launched this Monday. […]

skype for web

Skype for Web released. Chat using your web browser!

Skype lets you communicate using voice as well as video and is available on computers, mobile phone devices, tablets, TVs and even games consoles. Microsoft has now gone a step further and released Skype for Web. Skype for Web Skype […]

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Microsoft highlights benefits of Surface Pro to Manufacturing Businesses

Microsoft’s Surface Pro lineup keeps getting better. The company has done a fine job in transforming a confusing concept (naming convention) into a compelling product. Earlier, users complained the hardware supported by the device wasn’t just good enough. Microsoft has […]

Visual Studio Community Free Edition

Microsoft make available Visual Studio Community Edition as a free download

After Microsoft announced its plans to open source the entire .NET framework to millions of developers across the globe, it has now made available Visual Studio Community 2013 Edition as a free download. Visual Studio Community Free Edition Visual Studio […]


Microsoft grabs an Instagram Account

Shedding its reluctance over joining Instagram, Microsoft finally grabbed a formal corporate account and is learned to have launched its official channel on Instagram, yesterday. The channel hints at changes in the approach adopted to tell the company’s story. Instagram […]

new places

Facebook launches New Places Directory

The Facebook team has been hard at work on several new tools in the last few months. Its latest launch – New Places Directory looks to be a big step in the direction of local search. The new feature rolled […]

Visual Studio 2015

Microsoft open sources .NET & delivers new tools and capabilities

Microsoft had made an important announcement. The company announced its plans to open source the entire .NET framework to millions of developers across the globe. The .NET framework, which has been used as the programming model by developers to develop […]

Google Indian Language Internet Alliance

Google forms Indian Language Internet Alliance

Penetration of Internet in recent years in India has been good but still remains distant from best. Language support comes across as the main barrier in this progress. To overcome it, Google on Monday announced alliance with industry partners to […]


Mozilla introduces the Firefox Developer Edition browser

A few days ago, Mozilla embarked upon a new mission in creating a browser catering specially to developers’ needs. Fast forward a week, we learn the browser maker has revealed some additional details about the Firefox Developer Edition browser. On […]


Microsoft to rebrand Lync as Skype for Business

After OneDrive for Business, Microsoft is ready to make a change again.  This time it’s Lync. The Redmond giant unveiled Skype for Business as a Lync replacement. The rebranding from Lync to Skype for Business aims to improve all of […]

Lumia Denim Update

Lumia Denim Update for Windows Phone 8.1 to start roll out

Microsoft’s latest update to Windows Phone, Lumia Denim follows the company’s Cyan refresh. In addition to the standard set of features, the new update comes with improvements to Lumia Camera and Cortana. Here is the breakdown of features accommodated in […]

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Microsoft Office Apps top the Apple App Store free download list

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel have managed to secure places as the top free apps in the App Store free download. These apps have managed to take over popular apps like Pandora, Swype, Pinterest and others. The change became visible […]

Microsoft and rackspace

Microsoft’s cloud platform comes to Rackspace

Rackspace, the cloud service provider bagged another achievement with better quarterly earnings. The company was once under the shadow of outright or partial acquisition. Overcoming its rough phase successfully, the company has now decided to join hands with Microsoft. It […]


Microsoft releases Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit v5.1

Today, Microsoft released the next version of its Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit – the EMET 5.1. EMET is well-known for its services that offer protection against several new as well as undiscovered threats that might not be formally caught by […]

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WireLurker malware infects over 350K Mac and iPhone devices

A new malware called WireLurker is reported to be targeting Apple products in large numbers. Researchers discovered the new variant infecting  iOS devices via OS X carried from untrusted third-party app stores. The malware exhibits the ability to ‘jump’ to […]

OneNote for Teachers- A Flexible Digital Application

OneNote for Teachers website helps educators get the best out of OneNote

Microsoft recently announced OneNote for Teachers, a web based portal for teachers were educators and teachers can learn about OneNote, its features and how best to use it in their profession. The website guides how to create digital notebooks that support […]


Google releases Nogotofail, an Open Source Network Traffic Security Tool

The Android Security team from Google recently released nogotofail, a network traffic security testing tool which test TLS/SSL connection, as being on HTTPS everywhere or HTTPS secured connection is not enough to make program, applications or the World Wide Web […]