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Google launches; Experience Google in reverse

Google has launched, a service that shows Google in reverse. The launch came around April Fools’ day. It is not clear however that if the new service is just for fun or is related to April Fool Day. The […]


Google adds custom Snooze option in Inbox

You can now snooze your emails according to your own preferences. In its recent update to Inbox by Gmail app, Google added a customizable Snooze button and a quick access to Contacts. By default, the snooze times are set to […]

Microsoft MS DOS Mobile

Microsoft announces MS-DOS Mobile

Today, Microsoft announced a new OS designed for Lumia smartphones named MS-DOS Mobile. Microsoft has also launched preview version of the OS which is available for download on Windows Phone store. In a very surprising move, Microsoft stated that the […]


Amazon launches Home Services

Amazon the biggest e-tailer on the planet launched Amazon Home Services on Monday, a handpicked marketplace for household chores and services. The list includes an array of services ranging from Tech Support to Goat grazing. Amazon Home Services Amazon Home […]

Whatsapp Calls Fake Invites

Fake WhatsApp Calling feature Invites and scams continue to spread

Taking advantage of the latency in rollout of the voice calling feature on WhatsApp, spammers and greedy marketers have come up with an innovative idea to spread fake WhatsApp messages. The fake Whatsapp calling feature invites, which looks like the […]

Intel Micro SSD

Low cost SSDs from Intel and Toshiba to hit markets soon

Solid State Drives were thought of as a replacement for Hard disk drives but proved to be very costly compared to the latter and hence not many people wanted them. Eventually, Hybrid Drives were created that used a bit of […]

wearable shoe lecjal

Lechal: World’s First Interactive ‘Wearable’ Shoes

Lechal, a pair of beautiful fiery red sneakers was the high spot at the Techkriti 2015 in Kanpur, India. The pair of sneakers is the world’s first interactive haptic footwear and actually stole the show with its features and specifications. […]


Apple CEO Tim Cook to donate his wealth to Charity

Tim Cook who is now almost a billionaire, answering to a question from Fortune said that he is going to pay for his nephew’s college education and donate the remaining wealth to philanthropic projects. Tim Cook follows the path of Warren […]

Ninja Cat Unicorn sticker

Microsoft fans going crazy over Ninja Cat Unicorn stickers

A few days back there were reports of a sticker on laptops seen at the Microsoft Redmond campus . It was a ninja cat riding a fire-breathing unicorn and holding a Windows flag. This special sticker was reportedly seen on […]

Google VPN

Google VPN to hit Android devices soon

Google is everywhere. You have been using it as a search engine for years. Then you used its cloud offering in form of Google Docs that are not part of Google Drive. You probably used Google DNS too. You may […]

Google Art Project

Google Art Project brings Street Art to your daily life

Preserve street art before its color fade out. This is what Google aims at. 5Pointz, a building in Long Island City called the “Graffiti Mecca”, has been a piece of appreciation since long because of its brightly colored, ever-changing walls. […]


Internet celebrates 30th anniversary of .COM domain names

One cannot imagine a world without domain names. If there were no concept of domain names, we would all have to remember some  unintuitive, geeky IP addresses. Thanks to domain names, which made our lives simple, by offering human-readable names […]


This Unicode string can crash Chrome on Mac

If you are a Mac owner and normally use the Chrome browser, then know, that this special string of 13 characters can cause your tab in Chrome  for OS X to crash immediately. Although these special text characters don’t have […]

Airtel AWS Partnership

Airtel partners with AWS to offer cloud computing services

Indian telecom major Bharti Airtel announced that it is partnering with Amazon Web Services of Inc, a US-based Internet company. The partnership would help Airtel’s enterprise customers across the world to leverage the power of AWS Direct Connect to […]

yahoo on demand

Yahoo launches On-demand Passwords

Passwords are the digital keys to our virtual kingdom and analysts always suggest keeping a different password for all our IDs and accounts. Remembering the passwords for all our internet accounts is one of the biggest challenges today for the […]


Google announces closure of Code Project Hosting System

Google will soon be shutting down its Google Code project hosting system on January 25, 2016. The service has already been disabled which means that users can view the project source and issues but won’t be able to make any […]

Google Store

The Google Store launched – Replaces Google Play

The search giant – Google derives a major chunk of its global profits from web searches. This profitability has enabled the company to come up with a brand new online store, dedicated just for hardware products. Google Store The new […]


Yahoo completes 20 years

Yahoo! helps you discover the news and information you care about quickly and easily. The company has seen better days and also survived through some turbulent times. In the transformation process, it has tried to evolve into something more useful […]


No adult content, Google warns Sex Bloggers

Now bloggers have to be more careful while creating adult content on Google’s Blogger website. Google has warned sex bloggers that any blog that contains sexually explicit images, videos or graphic nudity as well as content will be marked as […]

palemoon start page

Pale Moon and together bring new start page

The popular web browser Pale Moon now comes with a new cloud-based start page service. Moonchild Productions has launched the new start page in collaboration with The new start page somehow resembles the old one and the only notable […]

Tips and Tricks focussed .how domain launched

Tips and Tricks focussed .how domain launched

A few days back, Google jumped into domain industry, and today they launched .HOW domain. a new generic top level domain (gTLD), which is designed for those who have knowledge about a specific topics that they want to share with […]

Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro, once $399 a year, is free now

A good news for all as recently Google has made an announcement that now Google Earth Pro is available for free. In the past Google used to charge $399 a year for Google Earth Pro but now it’s free of […]

Image For Representation Purpose Only.

IIT Bombay to produce World’s Cheapest Netbook

In what started as an ambitious project to provide remote students with virtual classrooms, some 30 years ago, India has been roping in different manufacturers as well as has been researching on its own (in its IT Institutes) for a […]