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Find my phone

Google now helps you find your missing phone

Google brings a new feature that allows Android users find their lost Smartphone or Tablet simply by typing, ‘Find my Phone’ in the Google search box. While Windows Phone  and iPhone users have been using such a feature for a while, […]

Google Maps

The updated version of Google Maps is here

Google Maps has seen a lot of improvements over the past few years. Even now, Google has rolled out the updated version of Google Maps. After the update, users won’t be able to use the older version, i.e. the classic […]

Nokia Connecting People

Nokia buys Alcatel-Lucent for $16.6 billion

Finnish company, Nokia has acquired Alcatel-Lucent for 15.6 billion euros ($16.6 billion) to compete with telecom equipment market leader Ericsson. Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent have entered into a memorandum of understanding under which Nokia would make an offer for all the equity […]

Google Chrome

Chrome 42 released with Push Notifications; Will block Java, Silverlight

Google Chrome web browser blocks Java, Silverlight and many other plugins in its latest version. The search engine giant today released the latest version of its Chrome web browser version 42. The latest version of Chrome will block Java and other […]


EU charges Google of irregularities in shopping searches

The European Union today, formally accused Google of using it Search Engine dominance to divert search results in favor of its own Shopping services thereby gaining an unfair advantage over its competitors. The European Union formally announced a probe against […]


Flipkart walks out of Airtel Zero to support Net Neutrality

In a dramatic move, India’s popular e-commerce company, Flipkart,  has stepped back from the partnership with Indian telecom major – Airtel, on a controversial Airtel Zero platform. Flipkart today issued an official statement to NextBigWhat stating it is walking away […]


Beebone, a dangerous Polymorphic downloader Botnet hunted down

In a successful joint operation participated by European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), Joint Cybercrime Action Taskforce (J-CAT), Dutch High Tech Crime Unit, FBI and other private partners, a dangerous botnet called as Beebone (also known as AAEH) was hunted down. The […]

Bing image search

Bing Image Search inspires to learn more and do more

In a recent blog published on Bing Blogs, Bing says that even image search can inspire you, help you learn more and can offer several other options to do more. Bing Image search Bing has plans to offer several things […]

Image courtesy: Cloud Computing Zone

HP leaves public cloud business; Not in the race anymore

HP hardly played the game. It started into the public cloud business just a year ago. Now it says it is useless to compete head to head with Amazon and Microsoft public clouds. The reason that there were no takers […]


Logitech Keys-To-Go Keyboard for Windows unveiled

Logitech recently unveiled a super-slender ultra-portable keyboard in terms of shape/size – Logitech Keys-To-Go. The design of the product makes it a perfect partner for on-the-go typing, since it’s quite thin and easy to type on. The Keys-To-Go Ultra-Portable Keyboard […]

OnePlus One

OnePlus One phone to run on OxygenOS

This is a news that is favorable for the users of OnePlus One phone. The makers of the phone have now brought their own operating system, which is known as OxygenOS. Now, OnePlus One phone will run on this brand […]


Google patents Robot personality development technology

Google has patented a technology where a robot can download the personality from a cloud based system just like the way how someone downloads an app on their phone. The filed patent reads, The robot personality may also be modifiable […]

3D printing camera

US Inventors create chip to convert phones into 3D scanners

Phones can now be enabled for 3D capture of everyday things. Researchers in the US have created an IC (Integrated Circuit) that can be embedded in phones so that phones cameras can be used as 3D cameras. That will amount […]


Google Mobile Network to offer Free International Roaming

Google is in talks with several mobile operators including Hutchison Whampoa the owner of Three in order to let subscribers to use its upcoming mobile phone network to introduce free international roaming. By creating a global mobile network Google aims […]


Intel, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Huawei among top R&D spenders

Among the companies that spend a fortune of their revenue on research and development, Huawei is among the front runners. The recently released annual performance report by Huawei says that the company spent 40.8 yuan in research and development in […]

project spartan

Project Spartan is fast but not ready for Prime Time

Microsoft recently made Project Spartan available alongside the newest update of Windows 10. It is the company’s second web browser after Internet Explorer, and from hours of testing, we can only conclude that Spartan is not yet ready for prime […]


EU’s prepares to file Antitrust Suit against Google

Europe’s competition regulator is preparing to file charges against Google Inc in the antitrust investigation over the next few weeks. If charges were filed against Google Inc, this would be the EU’s highest-profile antitrust suit since its lengthy campaign that […]

Chromebit Asus

Asus Chromebit: A Dongle which turns any Display into PC

ASUS and Google together announced a computer stick Chromebit which can turn any display into a computer. Chromebit is a small candy shaped Chrome based device and is priced somewhere around hundred U.S dollars. Asus Chromebit features Asus Chromebit is […]


Google launches; Experience Google in reverse

Google has launched, a service that shows Google in reverse. The launch came around April Fools’ day. It is not clear however that if the new service is just for fun or is related to April Fool Day. The […]


Google adds custom Snooze option in Inbox

You can now snooze your emails according to your own preferences. In its recent update to Inbox by Gmail app, Google added a customizable Snooze button and a quick access to Contacts. By default, the snooze times are set to […]

Microsoft MS DOS Mobile

Microsoft announces MS-DOS Mobile

Today, Microsoft announced a new OS designed for Lumia smartphones named MS-DOS Mobile. Microsoft has also launched preview version of the OS which is available for download on Windows Phone store. In a very surprising move, Microsoft stated that the […]


Amazon launches Home Services

Amazon the biggest e-tailer on the planet launched Amazon Home Services on Monday, a handpicked marketplace for household chores and services. The list includes an array of services ranging from Tech Support to Goat grazing. Amazon Home Services Amazon Home […]

Whatsapp Calls Fake Invites

Fake WhatsApp Calling feature Invites and scams continue to spread

Taking advantage of the latency in rollout of the voice calling feature on WhatsApp, spammers and greedy marketers have come up with an innovative idea to spread fake WhatsApp messages. The fake Whatsapp calling feature invites, which looks like the […]

Intel Micro SSD

Low cost SSDs from Intel and Toshiba to hit markets soon

Solid State Drives were thought of as a replacement for Hard disk drives but proved to be very costly compared to the latter and hence not many people wanted them. Eventually, Hybrid Drives were created that used a bit of […]

wearable shoe lecjal

Lechal: World’s First Interactive ‘Wearable’ Shoes

Lechal, a pair of beautiful fiery red sneakers was the high spot at the Techkriti 2015 in Kanpur, India. The pair of sneakers is the world’s first interactive haptic footwear and actually stole the show with its features and specifications. […]


Apple CEO Tim Cook to donate his wealth to Charity

Tim Cook who is now almost a billionaire, answering to a question from Fortune said that he is going to pay for his nephew’s college education and donate the remaining wealth to philanthropic projects. Tim Cook follows the path of Warren […]

Ninja Cat Unicorn sticker

Microsoft fans going crazy over Ninja Cat Unicorn stickers

A few days back there were reports of a sticker on laptops seen at the Microsoft Redmond campus . It was a ninja cat riding a fire-breathing unicorn and holding a Windows flag. This special sticker was reportedly seen on […]