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Microsoft 2014 Q3 earnings up…beats expectations!

Microsoft witnessed higher-than-expected quarterly revenue, helped by stronger sales of its smartphones, Surface tablets and more importantly cloud-computing products for companies. The company also succeeded in keeping its profit margins largely intact. The performance is striking since other tech stalwarts, [...]

Google Inbox

Google rolls out Inbox, a new product from the Gmail Team

Google is here to help you organize messages via a free email app now, currently available by invitation only – Google Inbox. The product developed by the Gmail team intends to coexist with Gmail and not replace it. Google brands [...]


Click To Switch launcher makes it easier to switch between Microsoft services

Consumer services namely, and Office Online gets a new app launcher. It means that the header has been updated and so have and Office Online’s headers, making it easier to switch between these personal Microsoft services.  [...]

nokia rebranding

Nokia Lumia to be re-branded as Microsoft Lumia

Microsoft lately has been busy in changing the name of ‘Nokia Lumia’ to ‘Lumia’. It now will finally re-brand it as Microsoft Lumia. With its acquisition over Nokia last year, the software giant aimed to present a unique brand of [...]

E FUN Nextbook

E FUN announces a 10.1 inch Windows 8.1 tablet for $179

A new Intel-powered Windows 8.1 tablet with a detachable keyboard will soon be available at Walmart Stores at just $179. An official blog post by Windows Blogs today announced that E FUN, the the fifth largest tablet supplier in the [...]

Microsoft explains change to Browser modifiers and Adware

Microsoft explains detection change for Browser modifiers and Adware

Recently Microsoft released important changes to detecting browser modifiers and adware, with a view to improving Internet Explorer security and browsing experience. Microsoft has mentioned the changes to how it detects browser modifiers and adware and they are: Unacceptable behaviors [...]


Satya Nadella launches Diversity Campaign

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella’s remarks at women’s technology conference was not well received by many Women employees working hard to earn 2 square meals a day. The CEO’s comment that women should not ask for a raise but trust that [...]


Flipboard now lets users pin favorite items to Windows Phone Start screen

Flipboard has released a new update for handsets running Windows Phone OS. The new update enables Windows Phone 8.1 users to pin favorite items to their Phone Start screen. Apart from this, Flipboard now features improvements in video playback in [...]


Microsoft announces a new online developer event called Connect();

Microsoft has recently announced its plans to host an online developer event called Connect(); which will be live from New York on November 12, 2015. Microsoft Connect(); Talking about the event, the company says: Build on your current skills, unleash [...]

True caller

Truecaller for Windows Phone comes with automatic incoming Caller ID

Truecaller is a well-known service for smartphones. This cross-platform contact and call management service is being used by millions of users. With the help of Truecaller, users can know the name and location of the caller, even if they don’t [...]

outlook web app setting

Outlook Web Apps come with New Interface and Improvements

The Exchange Engineering team in Microsoft is often busy in adding new features to their services and lately they came up with some significant improvements in Outlook Web Apps and its settings. These improvements will provide a better and more [...]

Coordinated Malware Eradication

Coordinated Malware Eradication aims to eradicate malware

Security vendors, Financial institutions, online search, and advertising businesses and Law enforcement have come together to form Coordinated Malware Eradication, with a view to eradicate malware. This one-of-its-kind initiative aims towards bringing various organizations in the field of cyber security as [...]

out-of-date ActiveX control

Internet Explorer starts blocking out-of-date Silverlight and ActiveX controls

Starting November 2014, Microsoft will start blocking out-of-date ActiveX controls and Silverlight on Internet Explorer. The following IE versions on the said Windows operating systems will be supported, beginning January 2016: Windows operating system Internet Explorer version Windows Vista SP2 Internet [...]


Opera 25 gets Visual Bookmarks

If you are an avid internet user and constantly open new tabs to visit bookmarked sites, the new and refurbished Opera 25 will surely entice you. The new and restyled version of Opera web browser now brings the large visual [...]


Russian Hackers exploit Windows Bug for targeting NATO, Ukraine, etc.

One of the leading cyber intelligence firm, the iSight Partners, today announced a zero-day vulnerability which is impacting several widely used software. Further, the report revealed that Russian hackers have exploited this bug in all supported versions of Windows Server [...]

Windows 10

Over 1 Million users participate in Windows Insider Program

A few days back we informed you about the Windows Insider Program that lets participants download the Windows 10 Technical Preview and submit suggestions. Terming the program a big success, Microsoft informed yesterday that over 1 million users have registered [...]

dares on the internet

Dangerous dares start making rounds on the Internet

A growing number of youngsters in search of Internet fame have been found performing dangerous stunts and posting their dare-devil acts online, risking life for few Facebook likes. This raises concerns as the practice has now become an alarming online [...]

Skype video Call from Inbox

Skype for brings messaging and contact list improvements

Ever since the tech-giant launched Skype as an add-on feature on its popular email service –, it was working hard to improve the chat sessions in order to deliver its users an easier chatting experience. Hence, Microsoft recently announced updates [...]


Chakra JavaScript Engine makes advances in Windows 10

The recently released Windows 10 Technical Preview showcases new and key advances in Chakra. Chakra is the JavaScript engine that was developed for Internet Explorer 9 by Microsoft. Ever since Chakra was developed, it has powered IE as well as [...]

snapchat hacked

Snapchat Service breached: Photos leaked

The troubling incident reported about Snapchat suggests the service was breached. Members of anonymous online messaging forum 4chan claim to have accessed gigabytes of private photographs shared on Snapchat by breaking into cloud storage servers of a third-party application that [...]

skype for windows mac

Updated Skype app for Windows and Mac improves chatting experience

Microsoft recently announced a redesigned Skype for Mac 7.0 and a preview for Windows. This revamped version of Skype is released to deliver its users a refreshed experience while chatting or sharing something with their friends, relatives or colleagues. If [...]


OneDrive iOS app updated with touch ID, PIN code support

Earlier, in the last month we had seen that with updates to Android OneDrive app, OneDrive got more secure, with an option to set up a PIN. You have to enter a 4 digit code thus limiting the access to [...]


Microsoft, Google endorse coding initiative

Since its inception has been involved in process of expanding participation in computer science by offering free online learning courses in coding, primarily through its Hour of Code program. Figures suggest, it has already crossed 44 million mark but [...]


Google eyes $1 billion revenue from India in FY15

The Internet exposes space of infinite opportunity and smart companies like Google know to make better use of it. The search engine giant, sources say is eyeing a $1 billion (Rs 6,000 crore) revenue mark from India in the year [...]

privacy data

Microsoft takes pledge to safeguard student privacy data

Security is always a matter of concern, no matter whether you are working in an organization or completing graduation as a student. You would never want your data to be exposed to the rest of the world no matter whether [...]