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Canvas LapTab

Micromax launches Canvas LapTab Windows 8.1 Notebook at Rs.14,999

India’s No. 1 mobile manufacturer Micromax has made a grand entry into the laptop-tablet hybrid market, launching an affordable Canvas Laptab with Windows 8.1 operating system. The 2-in-1 device is aimed at those who are looking for a cheap laptop […]


Google mulling to add Buy feature to Search Results on Mobile

Google is looking for ways to allow its customers to make purchases without leaving its site. As such, the company will allow people to purchase certain items directly from its search results pages. Google will do this by featuring a […]


CHIP – World’s cheapest Computer coming soon at $9

It would be crazy to even dream that a computer can be sold at $9 but a Company called as “Next Thing” may well turn this dream into reality, come December 2015. The $9 microcomputer named as CHIP by Dave […]

verizon buys AOL

Verizon to acquire AOL Inc. for $4.4 billion

American mobile giant Verizon Communications Inc. had decided to buy AOL Inc. for $4.4 billion. After the acquisition, AOL will be included as a separate division in Verizon. The transaction is however expected to be completed by summers this year. […]


Google wants to remove the space bar from the keyboard

The aim of today’s computer manufacturers is to make computers as small as possible. For this they are trying everything; from making the keys movable (Mac) to removing the bezel (Dell XPS laptops). Now, Google has come up with a […]


Worldwide Tablet market shrinks as Apple’s share declines by 22.9%

As per the latest stats released by International Data Corporation, worldwide tablet shipments recorded a sharp decline in the first quarter of 2015. The combined decline for Tablets and 2-in-1 devices (laptop-tablet hybrid devices) was -5.9% as compared to the […]


Microsoft HoloLens is perfect for health, education and fitness

Microsoft highlighted several neat things about HoloLens at its BUILD 2015 keynote yesterday, and it made us very excited for the future. What truly got us talking, was when Microsoft demoed what HoloLens could be used for in the medical […]

microsoft edge browser logo

Microsoft Edge Web Browser for Windows 10 announced

Microsoft has revealed a new default web browser for Windows 10 called Microsoft Edge in Build 2015 event. Microsoft’s new web browser was first revealed in the Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10049, code named “Project Spartan“. Soon, “Microsoft Edge” […]

opera account

Opera 29 introduces tab synchronization

The new version of Opera – Opera 29 has been released for Windows. The latest version brings significant improvements including added support for more mouse gestures, the addition of a History button to the Speed Dial and other start pages, […]

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Nokia confirms it has no plans to be in Handsets Business

Nokia reaffirmed that it currently has no plans to manufacture or sell consumer handsets. The statement by Nokia came after rumours started spreading that the company has plans to manufacture handsets in its R&D facility in China and wants to sell […]

apple watch

Skype use extended to Apple Watch via Apple Watch Skype support

The launch of the Apple Watch witnessed almost 1 million pre-orders in three days time and to boost the sales further, the list of iOS apps with Apple Watch support continues to grow. Apple’s smartwatch is geared up for something […]


Microsoft earnings for Fiscal Year 2015 Q3 released

Microsoft Corp. on Thursday announced its revenues for the quarter ended March 31, 2015 grew to $21.7 billion. The upward growth in the revenue was contributed by increased usage of services like Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Bing and Xbox Live. […]

google project fi

Google Project Fi wireless service unveiled

Google Project Fi, a new mission that Google has embarked upon aims to leverage the strongest possible network based on a consumer’s location, and intelligently switch between networks, as need be. Google Project Fi Project Fi has broad implications for Google. […]

Google AdSense Matched Content Tool

Google AdSense introduces Matched Content

Google AdSense today announced that they were introducing Matched Content, a free content recommendation tool for AdSense publishers. Google AdSense Matched Content Tool This Matched content tool would promote the other content of your website to your site visitors, by genetaring […]


Windows 10 to launch in late July according to AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su

Windows 10, the long-awaited Microsoft operating system, could hit store shelves in July if AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su, is to be believed. She made the announcement in a company earning call last week, and for many reasons, it makes sense. […]

net neutrality india

State of Net Neutrality in India – What lies ahead!

It is not simply about money. It is about more money by hidden means. What is Net Neutrality in the first place, what is the state of Net Neutrality in India and why is there so much tension among Internet users […]


WhatsApp calling for iPhone arrives

WhatsApp, the popular mobile messenger has updated its iOS application with voice calling feature. The calling feature update was first released yesterday (21 April 2015). Earlier this year, CEO of WhatsApp announced about WhatsApp getting calling feature in CES 2015 event. […]


New Termination Clause changes the Yahoo-Bing Search Deal

A new clause has been added to the Microsoft – Yahoo Search Deal. According to this new clause, either of the two parties, i.e. Yahoo or Microsoft, can terminate the partnership any time, on or after October 1st. The amendment […]


Now you can backup WhatsApp Chats on Google Drive

A new version of WhatsApp client 2.12.45 now enables one to backup  and restore their WhatsApp chat conversations on Google Drive. WhatsApp is a popular messaging service in India and the rest of the world with over 800,000,000 monthly active […]

Yahoo Profile Pulse

Yahoo Pulse or Yahoo Profile is no longer active

A couple of months back Yahoo had announced that they would be shutting down Yahoo Profile, earlier called as Yahoo Pulse. This seems to have happened now, as if you visit or, you will see a message “Yahoo […]

Find my phone

Google now helps you find your missing phone

Google brings a new feature that allows Android users find their lost Smartphone or Tablet simply by typing, ‘Find my Phone’ in the Google search box. While Windows Phone  and iPhone users have been using such a feature for a while, […]

Google Maps

The updated version of Google Maps is here

Google Maps has seen a lot of improvements over the past few years. Even now, Google has rolled out the updated version of Google Maps. After the update, users won’t be able to use the older version, i.e. the classic […]

Nokia Connecting People

Nokia buys Alcatel-Lucent for $16.6 billion

Finnish company, Nokia has acquired Alcatel-Lucent for 15.6 billion euros ($16.6 billion) to compete with telecom equipment market leader Ericsson. Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent have entered into a memorandum of understanding under which Nokia would make an offer for all the equity […]