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reddit live

Reddit Live, a live blogging tool, launched

Reddit has launched a live blogging tool called as Reddit Live. Aimed at users who want to keep posting about live events in real time, the feature has been in semi-open beta version since February. Reddit Live With Reddit Live, [...]

Lumia 530

Microsoft announces new Lumia 530 at just 83 Euros

For Lumia fans, it can’t get better than this. Believe it or not, at just 83 Euros, here comes the Lumia 530, the most affordable Nokia Lumia Phone till date. Microsoft Devices Group, today, that the affordable Lumia device will [...]


OneDrive app for Windows Phone gets updated to v 4.2

OneDrive keeps improving! Only last month we had seen OneDrive app for Android and iOS being updated. Now the OneDrive app for Windows Phone gets yet another update. The latest version is Though this update is not a major one, it [...]

bing search box

Google Adds Bing Search Box To Chrome

A large Bing search box is now showing up in Google Chrome. Microsoft announced today that latest versions of Chrome will now have the Bing search box on new tab pages. To use this newly added Bing search box, set [...]

unified technology event

Microsoft announces Unified Technology Event

Microsoft has announced an Inaugural Unified Microsoft Commercial Technology event week on May 4, 2015.  The event will be held in Chicago, Illinois and will reportedly cover the entire product range of Windows and Office. Microsoft plans to shut down [...]


Critroni crypto ransomware uses the Tor network for control

As if Cryptolocker, the ransomware was not enough to target computers running Microsoft Windows, we have a new clone of it called Critroni that uses private key mechanism similar to Cryptolocker to attack computers. Cryptolocker, if you remember is a [...]


Cryptolocker ransomware is not dead!

Ransomware Trojan, Cryptolocker was first discovered in September 2013 and are known for attacking PC’s running Microsoft Windows. Cryptolocker could infect PC’s using various sources, the most common being a legitimate email attachment. Earlier this month, the FBI came out [...]

bing school ratings

Bing to display Live School Ratings

Soon after bringing an easy way to access free online courses and books, Bing has now come up with a new feature of ‘School’s ratings‘. This new feature of Bing will now help parents select the right schools for their ward [...]


Google to fix Chrome major battery draining bug

Which web browser do you use? If it is Google Chrome, then you may be required to keep your battery chargers ON more often than before. As a laptop user you will be surprised to hear that Google Chrome on [...]


OneDrive starts rolling out the increased storage space

Recently OneDrive team had announced that it would be increasing its storage space for free subscribers, Office 365 subscribers, and also reducing the cost for its paid plans, for those who wanted to buy extra storage. Today it announced that [...]

Surface Pro 3

Update to fix Surface Pro 3 Wifi problems released

Microsoft has released a new firmware update to resolve Surface Pro 3 – No, slow or limited WiFi connectivity issues and problems. Several users have been reporting facing problems while connecting their Surface Pro 3 devices to WiFi. Some have [...]


CNET hacked! User data compromised.

Technology news, download and reviews website CNET has been hacked by a Russian hacker group called as “W0rm” leading to compromising of usernames, encrypted passwords and email addresses of more than a million users. CNET said that a representative from the [...]


Chrome to give out bolder Malware and Phishing warnings

Phishing has become a growing menace where cyber criminals trick you into sharing information, usually via a fake website. As such, there is dire need to have some kind of mechanism in place to avoid such unwelcome instances in the [...]


Beware of NgrBot malware; it can wipe out your hard disk!

Remember IrcBot? They could easily connect to Internet Relay Chat as a client, and fool other IRC users as being another user by performing automated functions. But here comes a new addition to this malware family, identified as NgrBot. NgrBot [...]


Microsoft to conduct YouthSpark Summer Camps

Kids can now start learning about technology at the age of 8. After bringing various Youth oriented programs, Microsoft Retail Stores are now offering special free classes for kids of ages 8-13 yrs. These Summer Camp classes will be conducted [...]

Windows Apportals

Microsoft launches Windows Apportals

Microsoft launched Windows Apportals, a Windows 8.1 app that has the ability to incorporate the complete Line of Business (LOB) into modern, touch-based experience. What is Windows Apportals Windows Apportals is based on a simple concept for converting LOB into [...]

VBA Micro

VBA macro malware makes a resurgent comeback

There is one more reason now to watch out for the security of your PCs. The deadly VBA micro malware which infected millions of Word and Excel files during the 1990s has made a comeback. The curse of 1990’s, the [...]

Secure Search

AVG Safeguard and Secure Search Toolbars found to be vulnerable

According to a research from the CERT Coordination Center, the AVG Safeguard and Secure Search Toolbars have been found to be insecure and vulnerable and could provide access for remote attackers to inflict malicious code on computers. The report says [...]


Microsoft to discontinue MapPoint, Streets & Trips

Microsoft has announced it plans to discontinue its MapPoint and Street & Trips products by the end of this year. This announcement says that both products will be officially discontinued on December 31st, 2014. However, the online support for Street [...]

data-protectz.png, OneDrive get enhanced encryption protection

Microsoft has announced some major security milestones that honors the company’s commitment to security and more transparency. Earlier last year, Microsoft had announced its commitment for enhancing the security of customer’s data. It had announced its plans to reinforce legal [...]


Microsoft files case against, takes control of 22 domains

Continuing its crusade against global cybercrimes, Microsoft filed a civil case in the court against a U.S. company, named as and was granted control of 22 domains run by Microsoft said that Vitalwerks Internet Solutions, LLC (doing business [...]


WinPatrol ownership changes hands

Launched in 1997, WinPatrol is amongst the most popular and trusted security freeware, for many a Windows users. One of our favorites, it was always the first software I installed on a newly formatted computer, just so I knew what [...]


Google to shut down Orkut on September 30, 2014

Google has announced the closure of its first social networking website Orkut, on 30 September 2014. As per the official blogpost, Google is shutting it down, to focus more on its other ventures like YouTube, Blogger and Google Plus. Before [...]


Scam Cryptolocker file decryption tools start making an appearance

Many people have lost their data and money to ransomware like GameOver Zeus and Cryptolocker. While users are still recovering from the losses there is yet another breed of malware writers that are exploiting the hysteria and chaos created by Cryptolocker. [...]


OneDrive app for Android and iOS updated; makes uploading easier

Just few days back OneDrive had announced about increasing storage space for its users so that users can store specially more photos. Photos are the most popular type of files people store on OneDrive. Now the OneDrive app on Android [...]

MVP Mentor Program

The MVP Mentor Program gets a new website

The MVP Mentor Program is a relatively new program from Microsoft that helps connect students who want to learn more about Microsoft technologies with Microsoft MVPs. The idea behind this program is to mentor students in becoming technology leaders in [...]

photoshop express

Adobe Photoshop Express for Windows Phone, now available!

Adobe has some pretty awesome news for the Windows Phone users. Adobe Photoshop Express, the image editing application from Adobe is finally available in the Windows Phone Store. After being available for Android based and iOS devices for a while, [...]


Explore Tweets on Bing Search Results

Enhancing their long-standing partnership, Bing has added a new feature to its search engine by displaying relevant tweets directly in the main search results. Users can now have a real-time access to what people are tweeting and if it is [...]