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Ransomware is on the rise, says FBI

What will you do if suddenly your system freezes with a pop up message telling you that you have violated some type of rule and you have to pay a fine in order to unlock your system? With cyber crimes […]

microsoft scarf

SWARM: An actuated Wearable Scarf by Microsoft Research Team

Microsoft Research Team may well be all set to announce its third entry in the wearable market. After the Microsoft Fitness Band and Holo Lens, the research team is ready with its wearable scarf SWARM.  The SWARM (Sending Whether Affect […]


Twitter acquires Indian newbie ZipDial

Twitter recently made the official announcement of it acquiring a startup company from India, called as ‘ZipDial’. ZipDial is a product company based in the city of Bangalore in India. With this acquisition, Twitter is hopeful that it will become […]

Snapchat for Windows

Microsoft To Bring Android Apps To Windows Phone and Tablets

At the time of writing this article, there are two different marketplaces for Windows 8.1 apps. One is reserved for apps that are meant to be run on Windows PC and the another one is much popular, containing apps for […]

Digits login

Twitter launches Digits login for web

Twitter has launched its first ever developer kit that lets the mobile app developers to embed Digits login for the app’s website. This way, Digits login platform is used for website’s login, instead of the conventional password process. Twitter mentions […]

Windows 10 1

Windows 10 will make you fall in love with your Lumia

Windows 10 announcement has showcased a new generation of t Windows. Our future is moving towards more personal computing, covering the largest range of devices with innovative techniques and technologies. Now the screen size of the devices simply holds no […]

twitter while you were away

Twitter Rolls Out New Feature “While You Were Away”

Twitter is rolling its new feature ‘While you were away’. As the name suggests, this feature shows you a recap of all the tweets posted while you were not on Twitter. The recap of important tweets will be displayed with […]

Joseph Edwards

Police Threat Ransomware Mail Kills Autistic Teenager

In what appeared to be a legitimate email from the police department, it was written that the police had caught the teen browsing illegitimate sites and needs to pay a fine of hundred Pounds to stop police from pursuing him […]


Free Upgrade to Windows 10: Gains and Losses

Microsoft has, on its home based event at Redmond on Jan 21 2015, announced that people using Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 without paying any extra charges. Experts are saying Microsoft’s this […]

for ff users

Google starts urging Firefox users to change their Search Engine

A while back, Mozilla decided to replace Google with Yahoo as the default search in its Firefox browser. Not willing to take this quietly, Google has started urging Firefox users, who are using Yahoo as the default search engine to change […]


Developers to strengthen their power again with Windows 10

With the announcement of Windows 10: The Next Chapter new inspirations and innovations in the world of computers are on the way. Microsoft has paid special attention towards developing the new version of the Windows so that everyone has something […]

Microsoft Surface Hub Details

Details of Microsoft Surface Hub For Business Meetings

Business meetings are important and a lot of things happen there. People come up with new ideas and collaborate on them. Heavy brainstorming happens and then the results are combined into a plan that needs to be carried out. All […]

DirectX 12

Unity going to add support for DirectX 12

DirectX 12, the latest version of the graphics API by Microsoft, was introduced last year in the Game Developers Conference or GDC. Ever since its announcement, DirectX 12 has been the favorite API amongst the game developers, since it is […]


EU takes a step further to kill Privacy on the Internet

Privacy has been an issue all along past many decades, especially since Google started sneaking into what you are searching on the Internet. In an age where people are concerned more about their privacy than ever, law makers and law […]

Outlook WIndows 10 PC and Mobile

Office for Windows 10 and Office Universal apps announced

Microsoft big event, described as The Next Chapter, proves to be the first step taken towards the era of more personal computing. Many new announcements were made throughout the event held in Redmond on January 21st. With this respect, Microsoft […]

spartan web annotations

Spartan: Microsoft’s new feature packed Browser

After a month long speculations, Project Spartan has finally been announced as the official web browser of Windows 10. 21st January 21, 2015 was a big day for Microsoft as it took the wraps off its latest operating system Windows […]


Windows 10 As A Service – What it means

While allowing Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, Microsoft has made it clear that version numbers will not matter anymore. Windows will be Windows 10 on all devices. Rather than a standalone operating […]

Dropbox app

Dropbox App for Windows Phone is here

Last Year, when Dropbox announced its partnership with Microsoft; the welfare that it brought for the users was Dropbox integration with Microsoft Office. This enables the users to select between Dropbox or Skydrive for saving their files or folders in […]


Windows 10: What Microsoft announced on 21st Jan

“Windows 10 is the first step to an era of more personal computing”, with this vision in mind, Microsoft yesterday unveiled their very new operating system Windows 10. In a grand event held on January 21, 2015 in San Francisco, […]

Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 OEM pricing revealed

The recent document that is being published on the Microsoft OEM’s Partner Center site has revealed how much Microsoft is charging its PC maker partners for Windows 8.1 Intel based tablets. The pricing model for Windows 10 has not been […]

Microsoft acquires Equivio

Microsoft acquires Equivio, a Text Analysis software

Year 2015 seems to bring a good start to the software giant Microsoft as the company has acquired an Israeli company in the very first month of the year. Just a day a before launching its latest operating system Windows […]

Work folders ipad

Work Folders Now Available For iPad

  Microsoft has released the Work Folders feature for iPad. Previously available only for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and 8.1 RT, Work Folders app is now available for free download in Apple AppStore. With Work Folders, users can store and […]

Office 365 Integrates with Moodle

Office 365 Come to Classrooms – Integrates with Moodle

The Open Source wing of Microsoft, the Microsoft Open Tech, today integrated a set of Moodle’s Remote Learning plugins into Office 365 so that teachers and students can make better use of learning, sharing and collaboration features of the software. […]

Bing Homepage

Bing announces the most popular Bing Homepages of 2014

A start page lets you conveniently keep up with a huge amount of information collectively. It is the first page which you see when you open any search engine website. There are hundred types of start search engine images available […]


Surface Pro 4 to be Long Term Evolution capable

If reports are to be believed, Surface Pro 4 will be LTE capable. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, a successor to 3G connectivity. It means that the Surface Pro 4 would be able to support cellular data transmission with […]


Bing adds direct links to Run Troubleshooters

Bing Search has been helping the users with the factual, as well as technical instant answers for some time now and the latest update posted on the Bing official blog states that a Run troubleshooter button that will directly run […]

Image: hacked in China following Gmail block

Following the ban on Gmail imposed by China on Dec 26 2014, it seemed the government services also attacked Though the web interface was not affected with the hack, all email clients were unable to access Outlook via SMTP, […]

MS Patent

Microsoft Patents Inconspicuous Mode For Windows Phone Device

Microsoft has patented ‘Inconspicuous Mode’ for its Windows Phones handsets. Under this patent the Smartphone will be switched from a normal mode to the inconspicuous mode where the home screen will display a reduced set of information and other settings […]