Data Privacy Day: Most people view technology’s effect on online privacy as negative

The Data Privacy Day began as the day to raise awareness regarding privacy and data protection policies. However, today in 2015, the Data Privacy Day is serving as a platform that organizes people across the globe to find solutions regarding online privacy. New technologies have not only supported the development of the world as a whole, but it has also triggered negative reaction amongst the people, when it comes to online privacy.

A research done by Microsoft on the occasion of Data Privacy Day, also confirms this thought. The research known as “Views from around the globe: 2nd Annual Report on How Personal Technology is Changing our Lives” demonstrates that in 11 out of 12 countries surveyed respondents say that technology’s effect on privacy was mostly negative. The graph that compares the impact of personal technology on privacy clearly displays that negative impact has overtaken the positive one.

Microsoft mentions in its official blog on this day and the issue of online data and privacy protection that,

“One of the points the report makes is that people are not just concerned about protecting their personal data from criminals. People worry that they cannot control the use of their personal data by companies and by governments as well.

According to the poll, majorities of respondents in every country but India and Indonesia say current legal protections for users of personal technology are insufficient. And only in those two countries do most respondents feel fully aware of the types of personal information collected about them.”

Microsoft also mentions that along with the advancement in technology, they are also taking care of people’s privacy. It is not more just a ‘nice-to-have’ thing; but has become a human right. Hence, new laws and in turn new technologies are generated to help protect users’ privacy online. Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella  summarizes the company’s approach towards this thing as,

“Microsoft experiences will be unique as they will reason over information from work and life and keep a user in control of their privacy.”

Read the complete blog on Date Privacy Day here.

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