Galaxy Explorer for HoloLens still in development and looks great

How many folks remembered the winning app idea for HoloLens back in 2015? The winning app idea was an app that we know as Galaxy Explorer, and guess what? It is being brought to life.

Galaxy Explorer is all about space exploration where users will be required to use HoloLens to travel through the Milky Way. Everything will show up using Microsoft’s AR technology, so we’re excited to see what comes of it in the distant future when this thing is ready.

Galaxy Explorer for HoloLens

Galaxy Explorer for HoloLens

We also understand users can use the app to visit the surface of planets, which makes it a great tool for education. Not only can users visit other planets, the app also gives scientific information so this is not just a visual spectacle for the eyes, but one for the brain as well.

While the app looks great in its current form, there’s much work to do yet because according to the developers, they need to gain the approval from Microsoft’s Creative Director of Device Studios.

In a recent YouTube video, the developers spoke of challenges and progress when it comes down to bringing Galaxy Explorer to life. As expected, it is not an easy task getting to this point, but going forward, it should get a little bit easier as the most difficult aspects of creating this thing is soon done.

At the moment, we have no idea when Galaxy Explorer will be ready for consumption. However, we do believe Microsoft is pushing to make sure it is ready in time for when HoloLens is set for consumer usage. The software giant will require several cool apps, and Galaxy Explorer could be one of them.

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