Google funded report says Chrome is most secure browser; Firefox least secure

Security firm Accuvant has released a study about the security features of the three most popular browsers – Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google’s Chrome.

The results show that Chrome is the most secure browser on the Internet and leads the way in innovating new security standards and safeguards.

Firefox, states the report, is badly lacking in several significant areas.

Although both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are competitive, Chrome is a little better, says Accuvant researcher Ryan Smith.

These 3 web browsers showed the most contrasts in these areas:

  1. Sandboxing
  2. Just-In-Time or JIT hardening and
  3. Plug-in security.

In all three areas, Google tied or beat the competition. However the report also did say that Chrome fails to effectively blacklist malicious URLs.

The study was commissioned by Google, reports Forbes, and focused on exploit mitigations.

You can read the full report here.

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