Google YouTube testing 60FPS Ultra HD 4K Videos

YouTube videos will now be played with ultra-high 4K definition and 60 frames per second. The video sharing platform of Google Inc. has already tested its videos 60 frames per second as well as with 4K resolution, but this time the team is experimenting with both formats simultaneously, which will certainly result in crisp, clear and sharp videos. However, the rollout of 4K/60 FPS streaming is currently limited only to a small number of videos for the reason that most of the monitors do not support 4K resolution.

60FPS Ultra HD 4K Videos on YouTube

60FPS Ultra HD 4K Videos on YouTube

One needs a high-speed internet connection with at least 100MBPS to stream the high-quality videos in 4K resolution with 60 frames per second. Some time in last year, YouTube started playing the videos at 60 frames per second, but most of the videos were not streaming well, for the reason that 60FPS was not available for all different resolutions.

For now, a short playlist of six videos supporting 4k resolution with 60 FPS is uploaded on YouTube. These videos will stream smooth only in the compatible devices like Smart TVs and high-resolution computer monitors. CES 2015 witnessed the launch of several devices supporting 4k resolution which will let users watch and enjoy these ultra-high definition videos.

This move, however, will lift the bar of video quality in YouTube and enhance the users’ experience significantly, but there is no official word from Google Inc. about when this functionality will be unlocked for all videos. We are embedding a video from this playlist. Do check if they run at 4k resolution and 60 fps on your system. Watch it in full-screen!

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