Internet Explorer: The Browser You Loved To Hate

Microsoft has launched a new website The Browser You Loved To Hate. Note the past tense ‘loved’ – the presumption being, you no longer hate it now.

You may have hated it earlier but if you have used Internet Explorer 9, there is just no way you can hate it.

The website has been launched with the intention of showing how IE9 is fueling IE’s comeback, poke a little fun at Internet Explorer, and encourage those that haven’t checked it out recently to “add” an IE9 pinned site to their Windows 7 taskbar.

Have you ever told your parents they had to stop using Internet Explorer? Well, with a better browser and a cute cat, maybe it is time to reconsider, says the IE Team.

To be honest, I used to use another browser earlier, but after I tried Internet Explorer 9, I now use it as my default browser and am loving it! Unfortunately, Internet Explorer carries the baggage from the past. All the problems being attributed to it belong to the IE6 era and are no longer applicable to IE9. Yet IE9 carries the baggage.

Check out this Feature Comparison Chart of the top 5 popular browsers to get an idea of what IE today offers.

Learn more about the browser you loved to hate and how it has changed since you last used it.  Visit to learn more.

What do you think of Internet Explorer 9? Are you using it or do you still prefer some other browser.

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