Limited time offer: Double your OneDrive free storage to 30 GB

OneDrive users are having great time with so many cool features being added so frequently. Just few days back we saw that OneDrive file size limit had been increased to 10GB along with many other most requested features being added. Now you can double your OneDrive free storage from 15GB to 30 GB.

The OneDrive team announced this new feature surprisingly on a Friday evening, but this was done because of new iPhone being released. They wanted iPhone users to upgrade to iOS8 without any shortage of space in their mobile. And iPhone user do not have to create space by deleting their photos for upgrading to iOS8. As they can now store it with more storage on OneDrive.


What OneDrive team has done is that they are increasing Camera Roll storage to 15GB from earlier 3 GB. Thus OneDrive now has total of 30GB of free storage. Please note it’s a limited time offer to double your OneDrive Free storage to 30 GB. (15 GB base and 15 GB Camera Roll bonus). This offer valid from now till the end of September. So don’t wait, just activate the auto upload feature for your camera roll, if you haven’t yet started using it to get this Camera roll bonus. If you are already using it, you’ll see the Free storage of camera Roll Bonus increased to 15 GB from 3 GB.


So with 15GB of Camera roll, mobile phone users doesn’t have to worry about storage space and can take all the high resolution photos and videos they want.  And though the OneDrive mentioned it as new iPhone was released but this offer is for all whether you are a Windows Phone user or Android user, all can double their OneDrive storage.

Announcing this, Douglas Pearce, Group Program Manager, OneDrive said:

….When you are setting up your new phone with OneDrive, all your photos and videos will be available instantly without taking up precious space on your device. You can also can get more done with the combined power of OneDrive, Office Mobile, and OneNote.

With this limited time offer, we are excited to see even more people choose OneDrive as the one place for everything in their life.

As I already was using my Camera Roll, I can see the Camera roll Bonus storage increased to 15GB. If you are a new user, do not delay and start using OneDrive on your Smartphones by installing OneDrive app and activate Camera Roll to get this limited time offer.

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