Microsoft under fire after taking part in U.S. Presidential campaign

Many might not have realized it, but Microsoft is currently rooted in the Presidential election proceedings going on in the United States. We understand the software giant is the one behind a tool designed for the Democrat and Republican caucuses.

Microsoft Azure

The tool was created to help the parties check their caucuses in Iowa, but one candidate is not too happy about the decision to have a multi-billion-dollar company involved in politics. This candidate is no other than Bernie Sanders, and he has been against the rise of billionaires and corporate powers in the Presidential campaign.

They believe these people and corporations are attempting to hijack democracy and as such, have no need for them. According to Bernie Sanders campaign, they are concerned because Microsoft is giving away its tool for free, which could mean the company is seeking something in return for its goodwill.

“You’d have to ask yourself why they’d want to give something like that away for free,” according to Sanders’ campaign.

To combat this issue, Bernie Sanders and his campaign crew have abandoned the Microsoft tool and decided to have their own tool created. How this will affect Microsoft is left to be seen, but we doubt it will do the company harm unless it has some unpopular motives for getting involved with the Presidential campaign.

A reporting system that is independent is not uncommon. Others have done it in the past, and we understand Hillary Clinton is making moves to do the same thing, so right away things are not looking good for Microsoft.

Source: MSNBC.

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