Microsoft launches Fix it Center Pro, an automated diagnostic portal

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  1. Russoule

    this is only usable if you have a Windows Live Account. I would NEVER allow that monstrosity to be loaded on my machine!

  2. Bruce Epper

    You don’t need to install anything for a Windows Live Account. It’s just a universal way to log in to pretty much any Microsoft service. Your comment makes it sound like you need to install all of the Windows Live apps for this. You don’t.

  3. another way, big brother try to spy……
    no thanks………

  4. this is great. russoule, I’m sure you have a gmail account. it’s the same thing. stop being stupid.
    it’s like my own little personal trouble shooting portal I can use for clients. sure I may have an msdn subscription with a silver level competency partnership in enterprise resource planning but that’s irrelevant. ferry, you’re a whiny girl too. all those …’s. it’s to help you troubleshoot your systems you support dummy. it makes it easy instead of having to search google for hours looking up event viewer errors.
    I’m going to send a company wide email boasting about this. thanks.

  5. yeah, whatever………
    lucky me, “a whining girl” that never go to hardware driver that M$ “automatic” updater suggest,
    which become too frequent wrong, at least it was “outdated”
    I manage to avoid all trouble by using suggested M$ drivers.
    So, how can I believe Fixit Center should do better ?
    is there any open Fixit White-paper, that can explain how does it work, which part of the system will be scan ?

    be free – use Fixit, it just not for me…… thats all, no offense

  6. Russoule

    nope! no gmail account either! why should I give these big companies access to any more info than they already have? it’s all used to send more advertising that I’m NOT INTERESTED IN. just because YOU are willing to give in to the stupid demand of “you must have a “Live” account in order to use our services, doesn’t mean I have to do that as well. it’s their OPSYS and as such all these trouble-shooting apps should be available to whomever has purchased that OPSYS – without having to “register” for a different service. one of my email suppliers, Yahoo, allows me to have an email account but doesn’t say I have to sign up for their IM package in order to use it. why does the big M think this is justifiable?

  7. Russoule

    Ferry, I agree that it seems that the big M should at least be able to explain how the app works without my having to sign up for some stupid account that I never expect to use. this is just another example of them trying to get everyone to use just MicroSoft for all computing needs. of course, I could just use a fake to sign up for the “Live” thing, but why waste my time trying to scam them? there are waaay to many “free” apps out there to do the same thing and that don’t require an “account” to download and use. let Gates get someone else to depend on him.

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