Microsoft Flux launched to help the Finnish startup community

Microsoft is back with yet another innovative initiative and this time it is for the startups. The company has started a Finnish startup community called as Microsoft Flux that helps startups succeed by providing them access to free network, high tech devices, coaches, networking events, and advisory boards.

With Microsoft Flux, startups, who often do not get enough support from the business community in terms of ideas and advice, can leverage the culture of this Finnish startup community that has participants with the same goal.

Microsoft Flux

Microsoft Flux

Microsoft Flux aims at helping startups reach commercial success. Knowing the nature of Startups, they are pioneers where the solution is not obvious and success is not granted. Startups explore the unknown to disrupt the existing markets, however for them to succeed, they need a culture that fuels imagination and facilitates deep connections to other like-minded business mavericks. Microsoft flux is providing a platform where all such activities can happen.

Microsoft Flux assists startups by providing newborn firms a community where you can rest a while to leverage the benefits, and use the muscles of a big corporation to cultivate their newborn idea to never-before-seen heights. The whole participation is based on a play where there are no rules. No orders given or taken, instead Flux provides an unrestricted flow of inspiration that will have a clear impact on the volume of the business. Participants just have to come and play and create the next Finnish phenomena. Flux is more than a co-working space – it’s a playground for ideas to develop and flourish.

How Microsoft Flux works

Participants at Flux are expected to share their ideas as well as listen to ideas from others. During the first week, study material is distributed to participants and then on the second week they have to teach something else to the other people in the space. The lesson doesn’t have to be anything big, around 15-30 minutes is enough. The lesson can be on anything – experience on selling to big companies or insights from IoT etc. So in a nutshell, the community learns from it’s members.

Microsoft has put some basic rules for startups to follow in this community. Here are they:

  • Change: Microsoft Flux participants’ startups should approach their ideas with a healthy dose of criticism to develop themselves further.
  • Open minded: Being open minded is the key that makes one accept others opinion and learn.
  • Fun and a bit weird: Microsoft Flux aims to be a playground of ideas, so startups should approach this place as a playground where they can test their weirdest ideas and projects.
  • Growth in learning: Startups are all about trying something new and creating ideas. Starting companies, all rely on constant learning and the growth that comes from it.
  • Be humble: Startups members are expected to be humble in Flux, so that they have room to grow and everyone is respected in the community.
  • It’s our space: Flux is a community space that belongs to all hence its community responsibility as a whole to take care of the surroundings.
  • Build Flux: It is expected that all of in-house startups learn some new content and teach some new content every week.
  • Be accountable: To facilitate constant learning at Flux, community members are expected to share challenges and success regularly.
  • Open and honest:Microsoft expects Flux to be a place where members feel comfortable sharing their ideas, and give feedback to other ideas. A space where there is mutual trust and one can get the feedback when needed.

Go take a look at their website.

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