Microsoft MSDN clarifies on Windows 7 GodMode term.

An MSDN Moderator, tonysoper, has posted the following clarification about Windows 7 GodMode :

“Recently a journalist used the controversial term ‘GodMode’ about this feature and made the incorrect claim that these shortcuts are undocumented.

See also

To use these features, use the GUID and name the folder as you like, you do not have to use the term the article author used.”


Incidentally, this page also lists the Canonical Names of Control Panel Items in Windows Vista & Windows 7. This topic lists each Control Panel item, its canonical name, and its GUID.

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  1. nithinr6

    The source link is not working

  2. L4ndy

    Quote “Recently a journalist used the controversial term ‘GodMode’ about this feature and made the INCORRECT claim that these shortcuts are undocumented”

    That statement is partly correct I think, The initial claim that could have probably been distorted later as the news hit the wire, was that that particular GUID: {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} is not documented. And that appears correct as far as my limited researches so far can reveal.

  3. John Shelton

    There is nothing God like about this tweak. It is simply a logical, readable and understandable version of all the options in action center and scattered and camouflaged helter-skelter elsewhere in Windows 7. “Master Task Mode” (aka God Mode) is what control panel should have been from the start.

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