Microsoft pokes fun at Internet Explorer haters with new campaign

Of late, Microsoft has seemingly changed its marketing stance, starting from Windows 8 and Surface whose promo videos were highly appreciated by both critics and the consumers. Climbing another step in the same direction, Microsoft has now launched a new campaign named as ‘The Browser You Loved to Hate’ targeted at users who waste no opportunity in slamming Internet Explorer as the worst browser of the decade.

In a new promo video, Microsoft reveals a day in the life of an IE hater whose only job, apart from drinking coffee, is to comment/post/tweet about how ‘IE sucks!!’. During the hate activity, this particular user learns about the various milestones and interesting features of Internet Explorer 10 apart from the increasing user share and this irks him even more, prompting him to post hate comments with increased vigour.  However, after he learns about Internet Explorer introducing a new Karaoke web standard, he recollects about a particular Karaoke Grand-Master award he had won back in 2008. This brings him a smile and now he hates IE a bit less.

“Comebacks come in many shapes and sizes” – Internet Explorer Team

This particular portrayal is unique, true and fresh from the other ads which usually simply boast about the product and how ‘it rocks’. The brains behind this initiative not just deserve applause but also need to work on other upcoming marketing projects for Microsoft.

The Browser You Loved to Hate campaign credits various independent sources highlighting about how good Internet Explorer 10 is, both on the browser and the PC.  It also hosts resources for users to learn more about the same.

This really caught our interest. Good one, Microsoft!

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