Microsoft retires Windows Installer CleanUp utility!

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  1. How ridiculous! They should then simply update the tool to not “damage”. It was a very useful tool.

  2. WAH!!!!!!!!!!!

    This app saved my behind so many times!


    Will they send it flowers like IE6?

  3. So what should I use now? A lot of help files still say to use it to fix problems. Now I have problems and no fix?

  4. It is a June 25th 2010 development, which has been also mentioned in Microsoft’s KB290301.

    “While the Windows Installer Cleanup utility resolved some installation problems, it sometimes damaged other components installed on the computer. Because of this, the tool has been removed from the Microsoft Download Center.”

  5. WTF? We’ve used this tool at our agency for years to fix the MS PROBLEM. Wouldn’t a better solution be for MS to update the tool so it wouldn’t conflict with the other program(s)? Ridiculous.

  6. They said in the post MajorGeeks has the file available to download. I am linking to the page listed in this article for my post.

    I would recommend everyone download a copy and keep it in a safe place.

  7. Thats just great, NOW they have programs that require THIS FIX and there isn’t ANY!!?? NOT to mention THe MajorGeeks Link is also BLOCKED?? Thats why i just bought an Expensive MAC Laptop cause i’m tired of Microsofts BS.

  8. I just downloaded it from Major Geeks today, used it to fix a failed SQL 2005 install.
    I wonder if people were just selecting everything and uninstalling and that is why they took it down.

  9. What is your problem with these fucking ads! I can never tell which one is the download link. Jesus, your an asshole.

  10. The NEW FIXIT WIZARD tool does NOT fix the problems. It just fails and points to a read-me that give no help. I HAD to get the old tool from MajorGeeks and then manually patch the Permissions on the registry to get the problem resolved.
    This is BASIC crap that MS needs to be able to detect and fix. They created this mess, they need to manage it.
    No wonder they are looking market share.

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