Microsoft Tech Support Scam calls get uglier with death threats!

Online Tech Support Phone scams have this uncanny habit of influencing novice computer users into giving their personal details to get remote access to their pristine machines and charge hundreds of dollars for fixing imaginary problems. The story has remained the same for years  but is getting only uglier. The callers have started issuing death threats!

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Normally, scammers pretending to work for big establishments like Microsoft Tech Support, call potential victims, politely inform them their computers are infected, convince them to provide remote access, and then charge them some hefty amount to fix problems.

Microsoft Tech Support Scam calls

Smart users well understand the fact that a caller that calls you up claiming to help ease your computer woes is out to scam you. When the call goes wrong he just hangs up the phone. However, recent incident suggests scammers do not hesitate in taking things to a new level by threatening to kill a user who successfully manages to point out that the scammer is trying to steal money.

A call recorded by smart Dulisse reveals that things at times do go wrong. When he accused the scammer of trying to install malware on his computer that would steal banking information, passwords, and PayPal credentials, things turned ugly. The caller upon learning his evil intentions are being gauged by Dulisse became irritated, kind of nasty and angry.

He warned Dulisse of the dire consequences he would have to face if he refused to agree to his conditions.

“You do understand we have each and every information, your address, your phone number. We have our group in Canada. I will call them, I will provide your information to them, they will come to you, they will kill you.” He said in the course of conversation.

Tricking people into spending dollars on non-existent computer problems has become a regular practice for Microsoft Tech Support Scam operators. Microsoft has found that approximately 200,000 of victims have lost money in such scams.

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