Symbian gets a new home at Nokia

Sometime back we had posted that The Symbian Foundation will be shutting down its websites on 17th December. Today Symbian got a new home at Nokia!

Yahoo to shutdown AltaVista, Delicious and many other services

Following layoffs, Yahoo has decided to shutdown AltaVista, Delicious and many other services. MyBlogLog, Yahoo! Picks, AltaVista, Yahoo! Bookmarks, Yahoo! Buzz and Delicious will be  shutdown by

Microsoft Research and Bing come together to launch the Speller Challenge

Microsoft Research in partnership with Bing have decided to launch the Speller Challenge. They will offer Prizes for the best Search Engine Spelling Alteration Services.

Chrome Beta now has WebGL on by default; check out Nine Point Five, an earthquakes app

WebGL is now on by default in Google Chrome’s beta channel. WebGL is a new web technology that brings hardware-accelerated 3D graphics to the browser without installing additional software. It’s now enabled in Google Chrome Beta.

Google Chrome’s Browse For A Good Cause initiative

Google has launched a new social initiative under the “Chrome for a Cause” umbrella. Every tab you open on Chrome browser, this December 15 through 19, will serve a good cause.  

Microsoft and National Geographic, partner to bring world-class photos to Bing Homepage

Microsoft has partnered with National Geographic, to display its photograps and images from the  magazine on the Bing Search home page.

Microsoft Genuine Windows website gets a facelift

Microsoft has revamped its genuine Windows website and given it a sleek new look. On the new website you can find information on several things like What to look for while buying Windows, etc. What is Genuine Windows Genuine Windows […]

Director’s Cut by Steve Clayton – Next at Microsoft

Microsoft Technologies that rocked 2010

Windows 7 market share crosses 25%; XP drops to 50%!

Google launches the Chrome Web Store

Windows Phone 7 unlocker ChevronWP7 axed

Facebook Friends Suggestion Page Revamped

Google releases Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office

Symbian Foundation to shut down its websites

Microsoft Fix it Solution Center gets a new look

Free Sophos anti-virus for Apple Mac released

Microsoft changes Twitter handles

Vimeo Couch mode … Vimeo version of YouTube Leanback

Facebook launches Automatic Spam Filtering for Facebook Pages

Microsoft Showcase website goes Mobile

Wikipedia to open first office outside the US, in India

Facebook launches Friendship Pages