Facebook Founder Marks Facebook Fan Page hacked!

Social sites have always had an issue with security, the more popular they get with users the more they are attacked. We can’t always blame the sites though, alot of times its the users choice of passwords, security information and  […]

Bing Image Search gets a new Landing Page

Bing has just announced a feature update. Its Image Search now has a new re-designed landing page. The new Bing Images landing page assembles the top searched images so that you can get a quick snap-shot of some of the […]

YouTube gets a new re-designed Home page

YouTube’s new home page is now live and available to all! It was was offered as an experimental homepage last month. Based on the feedback, they have made some changes, and now they are introducing the new homepage to everyone.

Leaving Microsoft … words we keep hearing from Redmond; as of late!

The latest to leave Microsoft, Microsoft Windows Vice President Brad Brooks marks the third high profile employee to announce their departure from Microsoft this year. With us, only 20 days into the new year does this mean bad for Microsoft?

Eric Schmidt to step down as CEO of Google; Larry Page to take Over

In a blog post titled Update from The Chairman, Eric Schmidt has declared that he will be stepping down as the Chief Executive Officer of Google. Co-founder Larry Page will now be taking over!

Mobile Number Portability Rolls Out All Over India

Finally ! After many attempts at  implementation and delays in between and a few months of pilot testing, the Mobile Number Portability is rolling out all over India from today. Prime Minister of India  Mr. Manmohan Singh will launch the […]

Microsoft to retire Windows ClubHouse; launches Extreme Windows Blog

Microsoft has made a decision to retire the Windows Clubhouse in Spring 2011. As Clubhouse was a launch effort around Windows 7, the Windows management team feels that this platform has been a great success and huge factor around Windows […]

24 Hours in the Cloud – A Virtual event by User Groups

Microsoft India MD quits to lead Google India

The Microsoft Numbers of 2010

Microsoft shows off Windows 8: Runs on System On a Chip(SOC)!

Microsoft named Most Innovative Technology Company for 2010

Microsoft has announced their Quarterly Earnings Release Date

Symbian gets a new home at Nokia

Google Chrome’s Browse For A Good Cause initiative