Google Wave to reappear as … Wave in a Box!

Google Wave was a personal communication & collaboration tool which however did not really take off as expected, and finally failed. While there were die-hard fans who even started a Save Wave movement, Google ultimately decided to discontinue it.

Windows increases market share; Linux loses third spot to iOS

Linux has lost the 3rd spot, which it held for many years, to iOS. On the other hand Windows has increased its market share to over 91% thanks to the sale of Windows 7.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Overview

Microsoft today unveiled the Arc Touch Mouse, the first mouse designed to flatten for portability and pop up for comfort. The new mouse features Microsoft’s first touch scroll strip for easy navigation. Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Windows-based PC users will […]

Twitter applications will work with OAuth only henceforth

Starting today, all the Twitter applications will work only with OAuth. If you’re like most twitter users who have used Twitter third-party applications or clients to send and read tweets, here after, all your third party apps and clients wont […]

Gmail unveils new Priority Inbox feature

GMail has introduced a new Priority Inbox feature! This new Priority Inbox feature in Gmail automatically sorts out emails according to the importance. Google has been introducing a few enhancements to the Gmail user interface.

RIM buckles; Gives Govt of India complete access to all Blackberry Services

It was just a few weeks ago that the Government of India, citing Security reasons, had  asked RIM (Research In Motion) to provide complete access to the Blackberry services  to monitor the services  for tracking down possible misuse of the […]

Wyse delivers Windows Embedded Standard 7 cloud clients

Tablets. Slates. Handhelds. Windows 7. Android. Meego. Wyse Technology, the global leader in cloud client computing, attempts to make news with a twist in the usual newsprint in recent weeks. Wyse has announced the availability of a family of desktop […]

Google launches Realtime Search

Gmail increases the ‘Undo Send’ time to 30 Seconds

Google testing new feature: Get Live Search Results As You Type

Facebook buys Hot Potato, a sharing site

Facebook Places launched using Bing Maps

Intel Purchases Software Security Giant McAfee

Yahoo! Search … Now Powered by Bing!

Age of Empires: Back, and online

Microsoft introduces new game – Microsoft Flight

Demo Video: The $35 Tablet PC, Sakshat, from India

Facebook launches Facebook Live

Twitter to launch official Tweet buttons

FarmVille pulled off MSN Games

YouTube re-designs its Video End Screen

PC v/s Mac website launched By Microsoft

Silent Updates Coming to Mozilla Firefox

Windows Intune beta to be decommissioned tomorrow