Facebook launches Facebook Live

Facebook has launched Facebook Live, a new official live streaming channel from Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto. Facebook Live will let viewers watch special events,  new feature launches and guest interviews.

Bing – Wolfram | Alpha update Bing Answers to let you access answers more quickly

Have your kids ever asked you a question for a school paper or homework that you wish you knew?  Have you given an answer that you “think” you remember from your days in school, knowing that the information you were […]

Twitter to launch official Tweet buttons

Looks like Twitter is getting ready to launch its own set of official Tweet buttons! This button will let readers share articles on websites and also display the number of times the article has been shared on Twitter.

FarmVille pulled off MSN Games

It appears that Zynga has removed its hit game FarmVille from MSN Games, one of the bigger game portals around! This move is sure to disappoint many MSN Games users who enjoyed playing FarmVille! Zynga first added FarmVille to MSN […]

Receive tweets on phone without signing up with Twitter Fast Follow

Twitter has added a few new features to make Twitter even more useful with SMS. One of them is Fast Follow. Anyone in the US can now receive Tweets on their mobile phone even if they haven’t signed up for […]

YouTube re-designs its Video End Screen

Google’s own product YouTube have been working on many new things in the past few months. They had rolled out dynamic playlist bar & increased the video length time to 15 mins. Now they have redesigned the End screen of […]

PC v/s Mac website launched By Microsoft

Apple and Microsoft the 2 biggies in the Software industry and well known arch rivals are always up to something to show  how and why they are best in the business. Earlier you had the ‘I’m a Mac – I’m […]

Silent Updates Coming to Mozilla Firefox

Windows Intune beta to be decommissioned tomorrow

Google Adds Web History To Mobile Version

Twitter unveils ‘Who To Follow’ new feature

Microsoft Accessibility web site redesigned

Why did Google Wave fail?

WordPress introduces a new Like button

Google: 200,000 Android devices sold each day

Gmail Now Supports Multiple Logins in a Single Browser

India to launch its first 3G Tablet PC

YouTube increases Video Limit & introduces New Playlist Bar

Wolfram|Alpha Widgets Launched