Microsoft Store logo revelead.

Microsoft appears to have made up their minds on the logo for Microsoft Stores, having just filed it last week at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Pricing for Windows 7 in India.

Microsoft India has confirmed to us that, “the Retail price in India, of the Full Packaged Product (FPP) Software offering of Windows 7 will be about 10-12% 30-35% lower than equivalent Windows Vista offering.” Update: The final pricing appears at […]

Yet another new version of Windows for Europe …

Yet another new version of Windows for Europe … or, to be more specific, for Amsterdam, for Euro 16.99 …

Windows 7 E version for Europe scrapped.

Microsoft said late Friday that it won’t ship the Windows 7 “E” version of Windows even though Europe has yet to sign off on its revised plan. The plan calls for the company to ship Windows 7 with Internet Explorer, […]

Windows Anytime Upgrade and Family Pack Pricing Announced

Microsoft has announced the Windows Anytime Upgrade pricing for Windows 7. Launched

At you can share any image on the web as a zoomable photo. Simply point at any image you’ve got on the web, and in no time flat, you’ve got a zoomable viewer just like this one. Share […]

Free Windows 7 Themes & Login Screens from EMI Music.

UK music giant EMI have used Twitter to point music consumers to, suggesting they will become the first major media organization to launch a number of commercial-quality-yet-free theme packs and welcome screens for Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 7, […]

EU Vista, XP users can also push IE off Windows.

Microsoft: Reasons to upgrade from XP to Windows 7

Australia Recognises Its First Visually Impaired MVP

Branded Platinum Visa Credit Cards from Linux!

Play Page Hunt and help Microsoft improve Bing

Microsoft Wave website launched

China Gets Microsoft Office for $29.

White House bans Twitter

Bill Gates’ real Facebook account

Bill Gates’ July 2009 India visit – In brief.

Linus: “Microsoft Hatred Is a Disease”

Microsoft launches The Windows Partner Blog.

Microsoft India wins the Best Subsidiary Award at MGX

Windows 7 has RTM’d !

Mac OS X gets a rootkit manual