Deep Zoom into Michael Jackson’s life in pictures

MSN has paid a tribute to Michael jackson by creating a Silverlight application showcasing, maybe, hundreds of his pictures.

Windows Live Planet is a Microsoft initiative.

A forum member had posted a few days back about Windows Live Planet, a new an online destination that allows you to Find a Match or even chat to your friends Online. there were certain doubts being raised on the […]

More Windows Vista SP2 Languages Released to Windows Update

The first wave of languages (English, German, French, Spanish, and Japanese) was made available in May 2009, on Windows Update at that time. Today, Microsoft is releasing the remaining languages for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 SP2 to Windows […]

Best Windows Website Contest 2009 Announced

Like the last year, this year too, The Windows Club is organizing its Best Windows Website Contest 2009, to discover and to recognize some of the best Windows bloggers and website owners.

Download IE8 & get a free unreleased Nickelback song!

Microsoft has come up with yet another promotion for Internet Explorer 8.  ‘Because the best just is’nt enough‘, Microsoft is offering an exclusive unreleased track from Nickelback when you download and install this special edition of  Windows Internet Explorer 8, […]

Microsoft to charge Europeans double for Windows 7

European customers will pay up to twice as much for Windows 7 compared to U.S. users, even though the new operating system will ship without a browser in Europe, according to Microsoft.

Windows Vista Ultimate users feeling cheated!

Windows Vista Ultimate users are not too happy with the way Microsoft has chosen to ignore them.

Next time, Google it with Bing!

Google increases Page Rank of Bing

Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade Packaging Revealed

Apple approves porn app for iPhone, iPod.

Kayak to Bing : Stop Copying Us!

Microsoft confirms Windows 7 Box art designs

Windows 7 RC program closes August 15th

Windows 7 RTM sign off set for July 13?

Bloggers … be careful with your reviews now !

You can’t Bing for Kamasutra in India !

Morro to be launched as Microsoft Security Essentials

SmartSaverGuide from Microsoft

How Microsofts adCenter system was scammed…

Use IE8 and get a shot at winning AUS $ 10,000

Mozilla Service Week – Make a Difference

Microsoft thanks IE8 testers with a Workers Toolkit.

Microsoft’s new Anti-Virus, Morro revealed.