Technology – Academics – Policy website from Microsoft.

Microsoft has launched a Web site to discuss key technology policy debates about privacy, security, competition, cloud computing, intellectual property rights & other topics.

Buy Windows 7 for USD 29.99 only.

The discount promotion program which Microsoft had launched some time back, for students, will expire on January 5, 2010 at 12:00 am CST. So if you are a student and have not taken advantage of this offer, you may want […]

Paint The Future, an initiative from Microsoft India

Microsoft believes that India’s growth is linked to Education, Employment, Empowerment of Women and concern for the Environment.

Microsoft India fined for using `money power’

The Delhi High Court has asked Microsoft Corporation to shell out Rs 800,000 ($16,000) for choosing to fight Search helpers in the Indian capital even though they originated in other cities.

Google introduces a URL shortener service

Google has launched updated versions of the Google Toolbar and FeedBurner that offer a new URL shortening service from Google called the Google URL Shortener.

Apple named ‘Brand of the Decade’ by Adweek

Apple received top honors in six categories in Adweek’s “Best of the 2000s” advertising awards, including “Brand of the Decade” and “Marketer of the Decade” for Steve Jobs.

‘Home Sweet Homepage’ Photo Contest from Bing.

One of the most popular features of Bing’s home page, launched in May, has been its use of stunning photographs taken from around the world. Embedded within each photo are mouse-able “hot spots” that offer more information about what’s in […]

Switch to Bing, Mozilla exec tells Firefox users

Microsoft launches Financial Services blog

EntityCube from Microsoft Research

MSN Announces New Online Lifestyle Experience

Google home-page to sport a fade-in look.

Microsoft announces new Bing features & a new Bing Bar.

Windows 7 Black Screen of Death : A Non-Issue.

A Double Explorer for Windows 7 !

Microsoft launches MSN Juku as a part of ClubM in China

Smoking Near Apple Computer Will Void Warranty !

Microsoft and News Corp eye web search pact

Over 2,000 Indian firms adopt Windows 7

Microsoft founder has fond words for his rival.

Bing announces association with Wolfram Alpha

A 7 kg cake for our Windows 7 Launch Party

Microsoft COFEE available to individuals too

How the MSN Home Page has changed!

Will Microsoft buy now ?