Search Twitter on Bing

Bing has announced that users can now search in real time by adding Twitter to search results.

Social Media hub for Windows 7 launched by Microsoft

Microsoft has launched a social media “hub” for Windows 7 in celebration of Windows 7 launch. This hub is designed to highlight what our customers are saying about Windows 7.

Channel 9 Learning Center launched

New Channel 9 Learning Center has been launched. It is a new destination on Channel 9 that’s designed to provide free developer training on emerging Microsoft products and technologies.

Enjoy Windows 7 burgers at Burger King

Burger King Japan is selling Windows 7 burgers. Microsoft has taken this unusual step of promoting Windows 7 in Japan with a Windows 7 burger at Burger King. The burger stacks seven patties in an otherwise normal Whopper & measures […]

1.5 million Microsoft Security Essentials downloads in 1st week!

Now that Microsoft Security Essentials, the new freeware antivirus from Microsoft, is generally available to consumers in 19 countries, Microsoft has had a chance to go over the data, and there are some very interesting results. Just in the first week […]

Windows 7 Online Community Launch.

Microsoft India is conducting a series of online webcasts on Windows 7. These webcasts will be conducted by experts from Microsoft and MVPs and is being targeted especially for the Information workers and Home & Office users.

Microsoft Help is now on Twitter

Microsoft has launched a new Twitter account that will provides customers with help and information on Microsoft products.

Apple’s Time Capsule Graveyard

Apple plans Mac marketing blitz around Windows 7 launch

The Great Race of the E-Mail Service Providers

Microsoft announces Office Winter Games Contest

Google: We will never be evil like Microsoft

Microsoft launches H1N1 Swine Flu Response Center

Windows 7 market share surges, Vista peaks, XP drops.

Microsoft Security Essentials to ship tomorrow.

Google celebrates its 11th birthday with an extra ‘l’.

Google adds Jump To Information feature to Search

Microsoft To Open Windows 7 Cafe In Paris

Host a Windows 7 Meetup – Another Microsoft Initiative!

Courier: Microsoft’s Secret Tablet

Mac Security Guru: Snow Leopard less secure than Windows !

Facebook Lite launched in U.S. and India

Register Free for the Global Windows 7 Online Summit

Windows 7 to target Linux at the retail level.

A taste of Windows 7 advertising.

Google Page Rank trick tracks extinctions!

Windows 7 giveaways on Twitter

Halal Search Engine Launched!

Want to Host a Windows 7 Launch Party ?