Bing announces association with Wolfram Alpha

Bing will be providing access to Wolfram|Alpha’s advanced algorithms and expertly curated data within the Bing experience. 

A 7 kg cake for our Windows 7 Launch Party

The Windows 7 Community Launch Party was held in Pune, India, on 7th November, 2009. There were around 103  Windows enthusiasts who attended the party. 

Microsoft COFEE available to individuals too

Microsoft COFEE is being made available to individuals employed by law enforcement agencies within the United States and Canada.

How the MSN Home Page has changed!

Microsoft today unveiled a preview of its most significant home page redesign in over a decade. The new MSN home page is designed to be the best home page on the Web, with powerful Bing search, the top news and […]

Will Microsoft buy now ?

Speculation is mounting about who will buy when the “for sale” sign starts dangling from the struggling search engine’s marquee.

Crapware makes PCs take more than twice as long to boot up.

This study has put nine machines from the major manufacturers through a battery of tests designed to highlight where they’re being run ragged by unwanted trial software or crapware. Acer, Sony and HP are the worst offenders, as far as […]

Microsoft Stores to sell crapware free PCs

The computers on display in the Microsoft Store come without any run-of-the-mill “crapware“; the derisive term used for generic trial software and other unwanted programs that commonly clog new PCs when they’re shipped by computer makers.

Aussie man first to physically buy Windows 7.

Microsoft announces 7 Ways to Change the World contest.

Windows 7 Launch Print Advertising

Video: Steve Ballmer unveils Windows 7

Search Twitter on Bing

Social Media hub for Windows 7 launched by Microsoft

Channel 9 Learning Center launched

Enjoy Windows 7 burgers at Burger King

Windows 7 Online Community Launch.

Microsoft Help is now on Twitter

Apple’s Time Capsule Graveyard

Apple plans Mac marketing blitz around Windows 7 launch

The Great Race of the E-Mail Service Providers

Microsoft announces Office Winter Games Contest

Google: We will never be evil like Microsoft

Microsoft launches H1N1 Swine Flu Response Center

Windows 7 market share surges, Vista peaks, XP drops.

Microsoft Security Essentials to ship tomorrow.

Google celebrates its 11th birthday with an extra ‘l’.

Google adds Jump To Information feature to Search