Windows 7 Black Screen of Death : A Non-Issue.

On 27th Nov. Prevx reported that a Black Screen issue could be a cause for woes for millions of Windows 7, Vista & XP users.

A Double Explorer for Windows 7 !

Windows Double Explorer for Windows 7, from CodePlex, manages two or more Windows Explorer in one application.

Microsoft launches MSN Juku as a part of ClubM in China

Microsoft has launched a microblog / twitter style service in China based on Windows Live Messenger, expanding the social-networking functions linked to the chat software in a country where it is a hit.

Google Buys Search Ad For Racist Michelle Obama Image Result

If you search on for [Michelle Obama] in Google Image Search you will see a racist and offensive image of the US first lady.

Smoking Near Apple Computer Will Void Warranty !

You know that smoking isn’t good for you. But did you know, that smoking isn’t good for your Mac, either? It’s true, at least according to Apple.

Microsoft and News Corp eye web search pact

Microsoft is ready to pay Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. to remove its news content from Google, according to the Financial Times.

Over 2,000 Indian firms adopt Windows 7

In less than a month since its launch on October 22, over 2,000 Indian companies are in the process of installing Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 7.

Microsoft founder has fond words for his rival.

Bing announces association with Wolfram Alpha

A 7 kg cake for our Windows 7 Launch Party

Microsoft COFEE available to individuals too

How the MSN Home Page has changed!

Will Microsoft buy now ?

Microsoft Stores to sell crapware free PCs

Aussie man first to physically buy Windows 7.

Microsoft announces 7 Ways to Change the World contest.

Windows 7 Launch Print Advertising

Video: Steve Ballmer unveils Windows 7

Search Twitter on Bing

Social Media hub for Windows 7 launched by Microsoft

Channel 9 Learning Center launched

Enjoy Windows 7 burgers at Burger King

Windows 7 Online Community Launch.

Microsoft Help is now on Twitter

Apple’s Time Capsule Graveyard