Windows veteran Mike Nash to leave Microsoft

A couple of weeks after Windows Senior Vice President Bill Veghte decided to leave Microsoft, another Windows marketing veteran Mike Nash is doing the same.

Microsoft beats Apple in Customer Satisfaction

Microsoft got a bigger boost in customer satisfaction from its latest computer operating system than rival Apple Inc. did from its most recent upgrade. 

Windows 7 demand drives record revenue & profit for Microsoft

Microsoft today announced record revenue of $19.02 billion for the second quarter ended Dec. 31, 2009, a 14% increase from the same period of the prior year.

Google ‘look-alike’ Search emerges in China.

A new search engine Goojje search has been noticed in China. Apart from sounding similar to Google, it also copies the loogo of Google and includes the Baidu logo in its own.

Apple may replace Google with Bing, as default search engine on iPhone

Apple is in talks with Microsoft to replace Google, with Bing, as the default search engine on its iPhone, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Microsoft Research finds new use for screensavers

When screensavers were first introduced in the 1980s, they were designed to prevent burn-in on CRT monitors. In the LCD era, they’ve largely been used as a distraction and minor security feature, but Microsoft now has a new potential use […]

Microsoft Research Project – Mental Tagging of Images

Microsoft Research is working on a project which will allow users, in future, to tag images mentally.

75% of Linux code is written by paid developers

Iranian Cyber Army Hacks Baidu !

Google Hacks Back!

Microsoft Student Rally

Microsoft Rental Rights Licensing now available

Microsoft MSDN clarifies on Windows 7 GodMode term.

Buy Windows 7 for USD 29.99 only.

Paint The Future, an initiative from Microsoft India

Microsoft India fined for using `money power’

Google introduces a URL shortener service

Apple named ‘Brand of the Decade’ by Adweek

‘Home Sweet Homepage’ Photo Contest from Bing.

Switch to Bing, Mozilla exec tells Firefox users

Microsoft launches Financial Services blog

EntityCube from Microsoft Research

MSN Announces New Online Lifestyle Experience

Google home-page to sport a fade-in look.