Microsoft Research Project – Mental Tagging of Images

Microsoft Research is working on a project which will allow users, in future, to tag images mentally.

75% of Linux code is written by paid developers

The Linux world makes much of its community roots, but when it comes to developing the kernel of the operating system, it’s less a case of “volunteers ahoy!” and more a case of “where’s my pay?”

Gartner: Apple doesn’t have a clue how to do computers for business

In a debate at the Gartner Symposium in Sydney, Nick Jones argued the case that Apple would never be a viable enterprise technology provider, while his fellow analyst Robin Simpson took the case for Apple’s role in business.

Iranian Cyber Army Hacks Baidu !

The most popular Web search engine in China,, was attacked by a group of hacktivists identifying themselves as the Iranian Cyber Army. The hackers hijacked the domain’s DNS records and pointed it to a server under their control.

Google Hacks Back!

Google had earlier announced that it will no longer censor search results on, the Chinese version of the search engine.

Windows 7 wins InfoWorld’s 2010 Technology of the Year Award

Infoworld has declared its Technology Awards for 2010.

Microsoft’s Kodu Game Lab: A Game Creation Tool, is now available

Microsoft is pushing to bring computer programming back into the classroom – and back into the realm of the imagination. That push comes through Kodu, a game developed by Microsoft Research that invites users to create their own worlds while […]

Microsoft Student Rally

Microsoft Rental Rights Licensing now available

Microsoft MSDN clarifies on Windows 7 GodMode term.

Buy Windows 7 for USD 29.99 only.

Paint The Future, an initiative from Microsoft India

Microsoft India fined for using `money power’

Google introduces a URL shortener service

Apple named ‘Brand of the Decade’ by Adweek

‘Home Sweet Homepage’ Photo Contest from Bing.

Switch to Bing, Mozilla exec tells Firefox users

Microsoft launches Financial Services blog

EntityCube from Microsoft Research

MSN Announces New Online Lifestyle Experience

Google home-page to sport a fade-in look.

Microsoft announces new Bing features & a new Bing Bar.

Windows 7 Black Screen of Death : A Non-Issue.

A Double Explorer for Windows 7 !

Microsoft launches MSN Juku as a part of ClubM in China

Smoking Near Apple Computer Will Void Warranty !