Linus: “Microsoft Hatred Is a Disease”

Microsoft has recently submitted around 20000 lines of code to the Linux kernel, all licensed under the GPL. Some have criticized the move as a selfish one. What does Linus Torvalds, Linux’ benevolent dictator, think about all this?

Watch Bill Gates Live at Microsoft Research India 5th Anniversary

Bill Gates will be in India to inaugurate the 5th year anniversary celebrations of the Microsoft Research Centre and attend a symposium on “Research and Innovation – The Keys to India’s Future” on Friday, 24 July 2009.

Microsoft launches The Windows Partner Blog.

Microsoft today, kicked off a brand new blog – Windows Partner Blog. Here, many of Microsoft’s partners will have a chance to do guest blogs to talk about their products and Windows.

Microsoft India wins the Best Subsidiary Award at MGX

Microsoft India has won the Best Subsidiary Award at the Microsft Global Exchange 2009, Atlanta.

Windows 7 has RTM’d !

Windows 7 Has Been Released to Manufacturing. RTM officially happens only after sign-off occurs. What happens is a build gets designated as a RTM contender after going through significant testing and meeting our quality bar for RTM.

Ready – Set – 7 : Windows 7 RTM availability dates announced!

Microsoft has announced the availability dates for Windows 7 RTM.

Mac OS X gets a rootkit manual

Over the past decade, the world has seen advances in rootkits running on Windows and Unix operating systems that few would have thought possible.

Microsoft kills Popfly web service

Microsoft is No 1 consumer UK brand

Microsoft Office 2010 introduced.

Microsoft Security Essentials ranked No 2 out of 25!

Internet Explorer’s market share falls below 60%

Deep Zoom into Michael Jackson’s life in pictures

Windows Live Planet is a Microsoft initiative.

Best Windows Website Contest 2009 Announced

Download IE8 & get a free unreleased Nickelback song!

Microsoft to charge Europeans double for Windows 7

Windows Vista Ultimate users feeling cheated!

Next time, Google it with Bing!

Google increases Page Rank of Bing

Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade Packaging Revealed

Apple approves porn app for iPhone, iPod.

Kayak to Bing : Stop Copying Us!