Play Page Hunt and help Microsoft improve Bing

Microsoft Research have released an online game to help fine-tune search results for Bing.

Microsoft Wave website launched

Microsoft Wave is a cool new site from Microsoft UK team that isn’t trying to sell anything, simply showing the breadth of cool technology that Microsoft is involved in. 

China Gets Microsoft Office for $29.

Microsoft is cutting the price of Office and offering the free versions of Word, Excel, and other programs to head off competition from Google and other rivals that offer similar software at little or no cost.

White House bans Twitter

White House has blocked online access to Twitter. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs made the admission today, while acknowledging that he does not Twitter because the world knows enough already about what he’s doing. Gibbs clearly doesn’t appreciate the […]

Bill Gates’ real Facebook account

Ever wondered what Bill Gates’ Facebook really looks like?

Microsoft suggests Ballot Screen for EU Windows 7 consumers

Microsoft has made a new proposal in an effort to address competition law issues related to Internet Explorer and interoperability.

Bill Gates’ July 2009 India visit – In brief.

Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, announced an increase in his foundation’s AIDS prevention commitment in India to $338 million, saying India’s AIDS prevention could be a model for the rest of the world.

Linus: “Microsoft Hatred Is a Disease”

Microsoft launches The Windows Partner Blog.

Microsoft India wins the Best Subsidiary Award at MGX

Windows 7 has RTM’d !

Mac OS X gets a rootkit manual

Microsoft kills Popfly web service

Microsoft is No 1 consumer UK brand

Microsoft Office 2010 introduced.

Microsoft Security Essentials ranked No 2 out of 25!

Internet Explorer’s market share falls below 60%

Deep Zoom into Michael Jackson’s life in pictures

Windows Live Planet is a Microsoft initiative.

Best Windows Website Contest 2009 Announced

Download IE8 & get a free unreleased Nickelback song!

Microsoft to charge Europeans double for Windows 7

Windows Vista Ultimate users feeling cheated!