Microsoft Azure Sphere will be a boon for IoT devices

Microsoft recently announced Azure Sphere, a solution to secure billions of microcontroller-powered devices including the IoT devices which are deployed globally by a number of companies every year. Azure Sphere comprises of mainly three parts – Aan operating system, Azure […]

Microsoft Outlook flaw let hackers steal your Windows password

Microsoft Outlook

A vulnerability has been detected in Microsoft Outlook that risks users credentials being hacked by attackers. Discovered by Will Dormann of the CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC), the vulnerability allows hackers to steal user’s Windows password just by having the target […]

Microsoft Network Engineer accused of being linked with Reveton Ransomware

Raymond Uadiale, a 41 years old Network Engineer who has been working at Microsoft in the Seattle area, has recently been accused of being linked to the Reveton Ransomware exploit. The exploit freezes the victim’s computer and forces them to […]

Files App on iOS now fully supported by Microsoft Office Apps

Microsoft has updates the Office Suite for iOS and now Word, Excel and Powerpoint are updated to the latest 2.12 version. The new update brings in a new set of features that will allow iOS users to use the Office […]

Windows 3.0 File Manager goes open-source; now works with Windows 10

For those who have been using Windows for a while, you might remember a file manager that came with Windows 3.0. This first debuted in 1990 with the release of Windows 3.0 itself. When Windows NT 4.0 was brought into […]

Office 365 gets Ransomware protection and other capabilities to protect against Cybercrime

Microsoft is taking security seriously. As part of an upgrade to Office 365, its constituents are getting several capabilities to protect against Cybercrime. For instance, OneDrive is introducing a new feature that makes recovery from Ransomware attacks easier. Files Restore is […]

Microsoft’s new Full Duplex Voice Sense will help usher a new wave of innovation for chatbots

Digital assistants like Cortana and Google Assistant have greatly improved over the recent past. However, the chatbots or even digital assistants lack when it comes to contextual conversation. As Microsoft rightly puts it the conversation with digital assistants is more […]

Google bars cryptocurrency mining Chrome extensions

Office 365 to get enhanced Anti-spoofing capabilities

Windows Defender

Windows Defender features demo site launched

SwiftKey Keyboard 7.0 receives a major update