Ready for Windows

Ready for Windows site now features enterprise software solutions

Microsoft’s Ready for Windows website is the perfect place to find out which software solutions are supported on Windows 10. This is a great service for the IT professionals who are considering Windows 10 for their organization. Now the Ready […]

No need to enable Untrusted Font Blocking setting in Windows 10, says Microsoft

GPO setting

With the introduction of Windows 10, Microsoft added a new security feature in its GPO setting for blocking font downloads. Any untrusted fonts outside of the %windir%\Fonts directory, if encountered were blocked instantly. This feature was available for configuration in […]

Microsoft lists Outlook problems caused by recent updates & Workarounds


Users of Microsoft Outlook are facing several problems after applying the recent June 2017 updates. Users of Outlook 2016/2013/2010/2007 have been affected by these issues. Microsoft has acknowledged the problems and suggested that users make use of these workarounds till […]

Google For Jobs starts rolling out

Google for Jobs

Job hunting has always been one tedious job for job seekers, but Google is here to make this easy. With a new feature called as Google for Jobs, Google is trying to turn its search engine into an employment engine too. Google […]

Security Is A Priority says Microsoft, and details its Security process

Windows Defender

Without even taking the name of the Russian antivirus company in a blog post, Microsoft has indirectly responded to Kaspersky, detailing its security process. The company posted a defense of their Windows Defender practices which has been a cause of […]

Microsoft Stream launched; Successor to Office 365 Video?

Microsoft stream

More than a decade ago, Microsoft had launched Soapbox (video streaming service) which failed drastically and was discontinued.  Then they launched Office 365 Video in April 2015; this one targeted business users who needed to upload and share content. It […]

Kaspersky creates IoT Honeytraps to study the activities of IoT botnets

Internet Of Things

Kaspersky recently conducted an experiment where it highlighted inherent risks associated with the large-scale integration of digital devices with our physical world. it suggested that integrating more and more devices with the Internet makes the susceptible to trojans and malware […]

Chrome browser

Chrome browser might be secretly recording you

Microsoft is shutting down by December 15, 2017

Chrome 59

Chrome 59 released with Material Design as default