Surface Laptop with Windows 10 Pro is now available

The Surface laptop with Windows 10 Pro is now available for sale through Microsoft’s commercial store at an additional cost of $100. Microsoft Surface laptop until now was available only with the limited Windows 10 S operating system. You can […]

Microsoft releases new Privacy Tools for Windows 10 users

Microsoft has announced new privacy tools for Windows 10 users that will allow you to find out how much data Windows 10 is sending back to Microsoft. At this juncture, the tool is available for Windows Insiders and will soon […]

New undetectable Malware CrossRAT targets Windows, Linux and Mac OS systems

A new piece of malware is now targeting your PCs, CrossRAT is the name. This undetectable spying malware is believed to be developed by the Dark Caracal group. CrossRAT can be described as a malicious desktop surveillance tool which targets […]

Google moves VirusTotal to a new company named Chronicle

Alphabet, the parent company of internet search giant Google has taken the decision to move its company VirusTotal to become part of new venture Chronicle. The new company is set to focus on cybersecurity and it has moved VirusTotal to […]

Microsoft Research introduces a bot that can draw anything you want

Microsoft Research is involved in bringing groundbreaking tech to humans. Earlier, we saw a prototype of 3D Touch where hovering over a touchscreen device would help the user in interacting with the device. This tech was also seen in the […]

Xbox One X, the world’s most powerful console is now available in India

Xbox One X

After a long wait, finally, Microsoft has launched world most powerful gaming console in India. Yes, the Xbox One X is now available in India. It is priced around ₹44,999 only. This counts to around $700 which is $200 more […]

Microsoft Education unveils new Windows 10 devices starting at $189

education laptops

Microsoft has always been concerned about student education programs. With their commitment to empowering every student, the Microsoft Education has launched a new set of Windows 10 devices starting at $189. From OEMs like JP and Lenovo, these new laptops […]


Microsoft removes and then restores Bitcoin payments

crypto currency mining protection in opera

Opera 50 comes with Anti-Cryptocurrency Mining feature