Visual Studio 2017

Windows Application Development possible with Visual Studio 2017

The latest and updated Visual Studio 2017 is here and it is the most powerful Windows application development platform ever. As Visual Studio team mentions on its blogs, Visual Studio 2017 brings unparalleled productivity improvements, a streamlined acquisition experience, and […]

Microsoft to shut down Socl, its social networking site

Well, some of you might not even have heard about Socl, Microsoft’s experimental social network – but it’s already being shut down next week. This is because Socl was still in research phase and the premise of Socl was to […]

Firefox to warn you about insecure Logins


With every subsequent release, every browser developer tries to make its browser more secure and reliable. Firefox treads along the same path. If you are not aware, the browser has a special feature that issues warning to users by default […]

Access 2016 starts supporting Large Number (BigInt) data type

Microsoft Access team has finally heard the request of several users and has announced a new data type in the Access 2016. Large Number (BigInt) is a supported type now and helps users with added analytical capability. The extended support […]

Decryptor for Dharma Ransomware now available

Dharma Ransomware now officially has decryptor keys. Kaspersky RakhniDecryptor v & ESET Crysis Decryptor v have been updated to decrypt Dharma ransomware encrypted files and remove the malware. Kaspersky has tested and legitimized the master decryptor keys that were […]

Facebook Messenger Chatbot helping Refugees seek Asylum


Artificial Intelligence can no more be labeled as mistrusted fascination. It is being increasingly used for better purposes. The most recent initiative from British-born Joshua Browder is just a proof of this. The gentleman has developed a chatbot ‘DoNotPay’ that intends […]

Sophisticated Tech Support scam displays a fake web browser & dialog box

Tech Support scam is nothing new but the modus operandi is different for almost every instance. That said all the Tech Support scams try to exploit the fact that users will be apprehensive about the health of their system and […]

website website to close down permanently

Password Managers found leaking passwords

Popular Password Managers were found leaking passwords

Deleted Dropbox files

Year old deleted Dropbox files reappear automatically

IoT Security

Hacker shows how easy it is to hack people in public

skype lite

Skype Lite launched in India for Low-End Android Phones