Windows 10 S Surface laptop

Microsoft says that Windows 10 S will not support Linux

Microsoft announced the lighter Windows 10 S version to battle the Google ChromeOS. With the Windows 10 S, Microsoft wants to appeal to students and the education sector in general. That being said this has also given rise to yet […]

Windows 10 S users requiring Assistive Tech will get free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 S has been lauded for being a lightweight operating system that retains the essentials of Windows 10. Microsoft has designed the Windows 10 S with the education sector in mind and has employed a sandboxed environment. So this […]

The new Surface Pro offers LTE support and 13.5-hours of Battery life

After two years of launching the Surface Pro 4, Microsoft has finally decided to unveil its successor, the Surface Pro. The new Surface Pro touts of an LTE variant, offers a battery life of 13.5-hours and it comes equipped with […]

98% victims of WannaCry victims were Windows 7 users


WannaCrypt has been in the news in the last week. The Ransomware has been one of the biggest in scale and has affected countries including India. Researchers were quick to point out that WannaCrypt Ransomware may have affected a large […]

Impact of WannaCry ransomware in India

wannacry ransomware in india - Copy

Ransomware attacks have become a growing concern for security researchers. In emerging economies like India where the government is running digital programs as flagship schemes to digitally empower society and knowledge economy, Ransomware attacks have become a grave threat. It […]

Outlook Office 365 being blocked by Malwarebytes

Email Blocked

Anyone who has the premium version of Malwarebytes installed on their PC and self-protection module enabled might be running into the problem! For no apparent reason, whenever a user tried to access his account, Malwarebytes displayed an error message […]

11 year old Indian-origin boy hacks Bluetooth devices using Raspberry Pi

One Conference 2017

Internet of Things (IoT) aims at integrating digital devices more with the physical world for the betterment of humans. However, as the technology gets increasingly pervasive, we should bear in mind few concerns. For instance, is the technology failsafe for […]

India’s CERT-In to hold Webcast on WannaCry ransomware

Windows 10 S Surface laptop

Microsoft to launch Windows 10 S Surface laptop