Pakistan bans Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, YouTube, Bing & Amazon

A Pakistani court has reportedly ordered a ban on nine leading websites, including Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, YouTube, Bing and Amazon,  for publishing and promoting sacrilegious and blasphemous material.

Justice Mazher Iqbal Sidhu issued the order while hearing a petition filed by a man named Muhammad Sidiq who claimed these websites were publishing sacrilegious material.

The judge also ordered the PTA chairman to appear in court on June 28 with relevant materials.

Sidiq, in his petition, sought a ban on the websites for publishing blasphemous materials and twisting facts about the Quran.

Aslam Dhakkar, head of a local bar association, was quoted as saying that the court had given a historic decision.

However, officials of the PTA said that they had received no instructions to block the websites, yet.

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  1. John Tidball

    How about ****** ****** !

  2. Adam Phoenix

    lol why not just ban the entire internet? Pakistan is shaping up to be just as militant as Iran.

  3. thEGA

    Religious people. This is why separation of state and religion is a must.

  4. Father

    Pakistan is not what you see on fox, cnn, come visit if you are not scary ..define militancy..biggest one is nato/us 🙂 damn man u can’t even define it talk about uneducated people..

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