Picturesque Lock Screen app from Microsoft Garage brings Bing images to the Android

Android users can now proudly say ‘NO’ to boring images on the lock screen as now Microsoft has recently launched Picturesque Lock Screen app for Android users. For those who have already used Next Lock Screen App, Picturesque Lock Screen app will be more interesting one. With this app, users can easily change their lock screen with exciting new Bing homepage images.

Picturesque Lock Screen app for Android

Picturesque Lock Screen app for Android

The Picturesque Lock Screen app is a Microsoft Garage project supported by all Android phone with version 4.0.3 and higher. By swiping to the right or by just shaking your phone, you can change the image with the help of this app. Besides, you can see the missed calls and text messages at a glance on your locked screen and can even search it without having any need of unlocking your phone. Current weather, news and Indian regional calendars are other stuff that Picturesque Lock Screen app brings with itself to display on the locked screen.

Here are the key features of the Picturesque Lock Screen app:

  • Search’s ability on the lock screen: With the Picturesque Lock Screen app you can search on the web and read all the linked pages directly from lock screen without the need of unlocking your phone.
  • Bing Homepage Images: Picturesque Lock Screen app will update your lock screen image regularly with daily awesome Bing images. You can change the screen image just by shaking your phone and can even swipe through the images from past 6 days.
  • Get updated with the latest NEWS and tap the heading to get the detail view.
  • Be updated with your location Weather condition and get weather forecast for the week by long pressing the icons.
  • Get missed calls and message notification on the lock screen with a quick call or reply ability from the lock screen only.
  • With the Picturesque Lock Screen app you can control your Camera and Phone WiFi, Bluetooth, volume, brightness settings are the other changes that can be made from the lock screen.
  • For Indian users, Regional Calendars & Muhurats are other added area where customization can be done on the lock screen.

This is the second lock screen app that comes into the Android market from Microsoft. The first one was a Next Lock Screen App that has more for business users with calendar feed and an option to dial into conference calls with a swipe.

Download Picturesque Lock Screen app from Google Store and enjoy beautiful images on your lock screen.

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