Support for Windows Server 2003 ends in less than 100 days – Microsoft

Microsoft has updated their Windows Server 2003 product page with a 100-day countdown timer, urging their current customers to migrate from their existing system to the latest Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft Azure or Office 365. Microsoft would no longer provide security patches or support to their customers after 14th July. The announcement of retiring Server 2003 was made in July last year.


Windows Server 2003 support ends July 2015

A poll which was conducted by Microsoft revealed 57% of its customers are running at least one instance of Windows Server 2003. Last year, Microsoft conducted an awareness program for its customers where it published an awareness video regarding (EOS) End of Support for Windows Server 2003 .

To make switching faster, Microsoft has added truck load of how-to tutorials, white papers and documents on their Windows Server 2003 product page listing:

  • Migration planning assistant
  • IDC white paper
  • Windows Server 2003 migration advice from Gartner report etc.

Microsoft has been in similar situation before when the company announced that they are no longer supporting Windows XP. In the case of Windows XP, Microsoft had campaigned heavily on the awfulness of Internet Explorer 6.0 to encourage users to immediately upgrade to safety. Despite so many campaigns and knowing the risks of staying with Windows XP, Microsoft failed to kill off Windows XP completely.

There are unconfirmed reports that Microsoft might officially charge its customers around USD 600 per server to safely run Windows Server 2003, after the support end date which is on July 2015.

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