Latest Bing news.

Bing Image Search Widget let you embed images in your website

A relatively new feature from Bing, is the Image Search Widget, that allows you to embed images directly on your web pages. You can now embed imaged directly from a Bing Image search query and display it as a collage or […]

Bing Map Adds Over 100 Cities Streetside Images and 3D Images

Bing Maps is now all set to compete with Google Maps as it now has Street-side view, aerial imageries and 3D imagery for over 100 cities. A new and large update of Bing Maps was announced yesterday, where the search […]


Conversations added to Bing, offers answers to follow up queries

Bing is now empowered to be conversational! Microsoft has rolled out a new feature to its search engine, Bing, that allows users to have answers to their follow up questions to their initial query. So, you can ask “who is […]

Bing Site Safety Page: Flags Malicious Websites In Search

Bing has come up with a new feature named Bing Site Safety Page which will characterize and mark the malicious websites in the search results itself. The new feature will tell the users if there is any safety issue with […]

Google Adds Bing Search Box To Chrome

A large Bing search box is now showing up in Google Chrome. Microsoft announced today that latest versions of Chrome will now have the Bing search box on new tab pages. To use this newly added Bing search box, set […]

Bing to display Live School Ratings

Soon after bringing an easy way to access free online courses and books, Bing has now come up with a new feature of ‘School’s ratings‘. This new feature of Bing will now help parents select the right schools for their ward […]

Explore Tweets on Bing Search Results

Enhancing their long-standing partnership, Bing has added a new feature to its search engine by displaying relevant tweets directly in the main search results. Users can now have a real-time access to what people are tweeting and if it is […]


Microsoft announces Windows 8.1 with Bing, a new edition of Windows

Today generally many smaller devices like tablets running Windows have a higher price point, since the cost of the OS is high – although some economical versions of the devices are available too. Earlier, we were told that Windows will be free for […]

Bing Smart Search

Bing Smart Search in Windows 8.1 gets smarter

Bing Smart Search in Windows 8.1 has just got smarter after Microsoft announced yesterday that it is rolling out a series of improvements that allows Windows 8.1 users experience a better way to search and arrive at the results very […] unveils Personalized Cards on Bing home page

Bing has unveiled a set of Personalized Cards on the Bing Home page. The cards which you see at bottom of Bing Home Page show news of various topics and can be personalized according to your interests. This new Bing […]

Bing Knowledge Widget

Bing Knowledge Widget for webmasters released

Microsoft has released the Bing Knowledge Widget for webmasters and publishers. The easy-to deploy, JavaScript-based widget detects and visualizes entities on the webpage and displays rich information about them. The widget will allow visitors on your webpage to have quick […]

Bing Maps now shows a map with estimated travel time and mileage

Bing Search engine is regularly updated with new features. The latest addition to it comes in the form of faster way to get directions between two places. After having added support for different standard apps (Travel app, a Weather app, […]

Get correct Tax related Search Results with improved Bing Search

A witty saying – In this world there’s nothing certain, except two things, death and taxes. Indeed correct! Tax season has kicked off and by April 15 one can expect that most people in the United States of America would […]

Bing Saves Now Available As Public Beta

Microsoft has constantly worked hard to introduce new features to Bing and after a month of testing ‘Bing Saves‘ feature is now available as a public beta for all to try out. Microsoft started testing this new feature of Bing […]

Bing now offering Bitcoin Currency Conversion

Bing does what Google can’t. Google helps you getting the direct answers to all your currency conversion queries but when it is about Bitcoin, Microsoft’s search engine Bing has surpassed Google. Bing Bitcoin Currency Converter Bing has been helping users […]

Bing pledges to support

Bing – the web search engine from Microsoft in its quest to evolve continuously and deliver information users need has earned yet another mutually benefiting partnership. The search engine has joined hands with 92Y. Bing supports 92nd Street Y […]


Microsoft releases Bing 2013 Wallpaper & Screensaver Pack

Microsoft has released a 13MB download pack consisting of 10 of the finest Bing home pages of the year 2013. With the year 2013 coming to a close, the Bing team decided to pour over thousands of photos to deliver […]

Bing Search improves Music Video Display experience

Most music videos these days are uploaded online. Bing therefore has decided to amass the vast collection of music videos on the Internet to make it easier for users to listen to their favorite artists or focus on finding the […]

Bing Apps to bring new experiences to Windows 8.1

Bing, after revealing it new logo and design this week, now highlighted the new apps that would be included into the Bing apps suite, which would be included in Microsoft’s all new Windows 8.1. Rolling out as a free update […]

Microsoft releases an improved Bing App for iOS 7

Brand new Bing is all set to make its way through the search engine market beyond the world of Microsoft alone. This week we saw a much enhanced and dynamically designed Bing, which can be easily accessed across mobile platforms, […]

Bing gets a new logo & identity

Bing users will now see a new orange-yellow Bing logo with a shiny golden appearance on Bing home page. 2013 has been the year of revamps for Bing. After getting a new layout and responsive design, Microsoft’s search engine Bing […]