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Edge and Internet Explorer browsers Start Page displaying Sponsored Ads

If you are a Windows user, you must have observed, Microsoft Edge browser displays “Where to next?” screen by default whenever you launch the browser. In addition to it, the browser now displays ‘Sponsored’ ads. The change can be noticed […]


Cyberfox will shutdown in 2018: Why is this happening?

Firefox is one of the most used web browsers for over a decade, and since then, it has garnered several forks. One of the popular forks of Firefox we’ve come to love ever since it came on the scene back […]


Firefox to warn you about insecure Logins

With every subsequent release, every browser developer tries to make its browser more secure and reliable. Firefox treads along the same path. If you are not aware, the browser has a special feature that issues warning to users by default […]

Vivaldi browser 1.7 releases with built-in Screenshot and other cool features

Your favorite browser Vivaldi is up with a new and amazing set of features and functionality improvements. Vivaldi 1.7, the latest version is more productive and dynamic with the new features like built-in screenshots, better sound control and more. Vivaldi […]


Microsoft to stop Security Only updates for Internet Explorer 11

Breaking away from the individual patches method, Microsoft introduced a new update approach called roll-up model for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 somewhere in 2016. The updates available in this new model included Security Monthly Quality Update (aka the Monthly Rollup), […]

Vivaldi browser 1.5 lets you control smart home lighting and more!

The popular Vivaldi browser has a major update coming your way. The version 1.5 of their web browser brings along some unique features; it gives you the power to control the color of smart-home lighting through browsing. Its founder Jon had […]

Vivaldi browser now lets you customize themes to make it more colorful

The feature packed browser, Vivaldi will now be more colorful, powerful and safe. While Vivaldi already has several in-built themes, the most recent version comes with some more interesting themes and better options of customizations. Vivaldi 1.3 comes with new […]

Chrome browser consumes the most battery among browsers, says Microsoft

Microsoft Edge delivers 17%-70% more battery life than the popular web browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox, says Microsoft. After conducting a series of tests, Microsoft proved that Edge is power efficient web browser and lets you browser longer without […]

Vivaldi browser launches its new version 1.2 with smarter tab options

Vivaldi, the Chrome-based Google-free web browser has launched its new version 1.2 with smarter tab options, more customization features and mouse gestures. Targeted at the avid internet users, Vivaldi 1.2 is the third upgrade since its launch in April. Vivaldi […]

Changing browser experience

Microsoft announces a change in Browser Experience Policy

Microsoft has recently made some remarkable changes in the browser experience policy. With this policy, the software giant is focusing more on the behavior of the browsers that modify the content of the webpages. Recently, Microsoft published a blog on […]

Vivaldi web browser is out of beta; Stable version released

After months of waiting, Vivaldi 1.0 is here and we have to say, it is a significant improvement over the beta builds. The browser is much smoother and has less bugs for us to worry about while browsing our favorite […]

Chromodo web browser is anything but secure, says Google

There’s something going on where Comodo Internet Security is installed for the first time, and computer users should beware of it. Whenever this is done, the security software automatically installs a browser called Chromodo, and in no time, it is […]

Edge Browser gets a new Home Button

Windows 10 build 10134 is out for Windows users and includes a couple new additions over its earlier build 10130. 2 changes that can be noticed on the browser side are addition of a new home button and the ability […]

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Microsoft Edge Browser will support Dolby Audio

Advertised as the faster and more streamlined browser, Microsoft Edge browser sees another feature added to its build. The successor to scrapped Internet Explorer will be the first browser from Microsoft to include support for Dolby Audio. Edge Browser Dolby […]

WinYahoo PUP changes Secure Preferences in Chrome Browser

Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) tend to interfere with everyday computer use by placing advertisements, tool-bars in web browsers and resorting to other nefarious tactics. Options that generally trick you into installing potentially unwanted programs are common during the setup of […]

Google Chrome

Chrome to allow installation of extensions from its Web Store only

To prevent Chrome users from accidentally installing malware, Google has taken a bold step of blocking Windows and Mac users from loading Chrome extensions which not hosted on the Google’s own Chrome Web Store. Beginning today, installing Chrome extensions from […]

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Microsoft Edge moves on, says Goodbye to ActiveX, VBScript, attachEvent

Microsoft announced that a sizeable number of legacy IE technologies and features would not make it to Microsoft Edge – the recently announced modern web browser from the company. In one of their blogs, Microsoft detailed all the legacy technologies, […]

Microsoft Edge Dev Blog

Microsoft Edge Dev Blog launched

In a web summit held on May 5, Microsoft has launched a new developer website for Edge, the new Windows browser. The website which is still in its Beta stage, is especially created for the developers where they can know […]

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Microsoft Edge Web Browser for Windows 10 announced

Microsoft has revealed a new default web browser for Windows 10 called Microsoft Edge in Build 2015 event. Microsoft’s new web browser was first revealed in the Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10049, code named “Project Spartan“. Soon, “Microsoft Edge” […]

Opera 29 introduces tab synchronization

The new version of Opera – Opera 29 has been released for Windows. The latest version brings significant improvements including added support for more mouse gestures, the addition of a History button to the Speed Dial and other start pages, […]

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JavaScript experts give Thumbs Up to Microsoft’s Spartan Browser

Microsoft Corporation according to JavaScript experts scores full-points with its brand new browser ‘Spartan’ in latest release of Windows 10. Many claim that there is no hint of Microsoft’s signature feel to Spartan. Reviewing the browser, JavaScript expert Simon Bisson […]

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Do Not Track will not be the default setting on Microsoft browsers

Microsoft today announced that it was reversing its approach to Do Not Track. It will henceforth, by default, disable Do Not Track in its browsers. In Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 and Windows 7, the ‘Do Not Track’ option […]

Project Spartan is fast but not ready for Prime Time

Microsoft recently made Project Spartan available alongside the newest update of Windows 10. It is the company’s second web browser after Internet Explorer, and from hours of testing, we can only conclude that Spartan is not yet ready for prime […]

Project Spartan

Microsoft to join hands with Adobe for the development of Project Spartan

Microsoft has started rolling the wheels of development of “Project Spartan” and its catching speed. Now, Microsoft also brings on board other giants of the industry, such as Adobe. In a recent blog on MSDN, Microsoft mentioned about its partnership […]

Popular Browsers hacked at Pwn2Own 2015 Event

Every year, browser vendors tighten up the security features of their browsers ahead of the Pwn2own browser hacking competition in a bid to prevent exploitation and prove their browser is most secure. However, these efforts rarely impress the hackers in […]