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Opera 16 released – New features

Despite innovations and added new features, users complained Opera lacked many UI features that restrained them from choosing Opera in the first place. However, the Norwegian browser developer claims to have worked upon such odds only to make the browser […]

Levitation & LawnMark websites show you the power of Internet Explorer

In spite of the fact that Internet Explorer has been improving with every version release, people still love to hate it. Microsoft has been going all out and trying its level best – apart from considering a rebranding exercise – to capture […]

Internet Explorer turns 18

The Windows Club wishes “A Very Happy Birthday to Internet Explorer”. Today, August 16, 2013 marks the 18th birthday of Microsoft’s much loved and sometimes hated web browser Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer turns 18 today. The first version of Internet Explorer […]

New Yahoo! Toolbar for IE, Firefox, Chrome launched

Yahoo! some months ago shut down Yahoo Axis, Alta Vista and a handful of other offerings from Yahoo! but that hasn’t dampened the spirits of the team as it has now decided to come up with a brand-new browser toolbar. […]

Google adds touch controls to Chrome’s Canary browser release

Google has hinted that it is working on building more support and compatibility for touch interfaces. In its recent most nightly Canary build, Chrome browser has included slide-to-navigate feature which essentially enables you to go backward and forward on a […]

Browser Addon for Chrome & Firefox Hijacks Social Media Accounts

Hackers can now hack your social networking accounts and update your status, chat with your friends, invite them on your behalf and much more. Trend Micros has recently detected a new malware hijacking the social networking accounts such as Twitter, Facebook […]

Opera 15 released – New features and Rendering Engine

After being in its Beta Stage for about a month, the new Chrome-based Opera is now available to download at Opera 15 will not replace Classic Opera 12 as the Company is still working on its stability patches. Opera […]

IE10 share

IE10 more popular than IE9 in June 2013

Recent surveys have come up with a conclusion that users are liking IE10 more than IE9. As per the data captured by Net Applications, more and more PCs are moving to IE10 from its previous browser version IE9. According to […]

Firefox gets a new logo, presents crisper and cleaner design

Over the recent years, Firefox has become a stable browser on desktop, and successfully stepped on to the emerging open-source mobile operating system, Android. As end users, we discovered several changes in terms of technology getting used since quite a long […]

Mozilla Firefox 22 released

The much awaited Mozilla Firefox 22 has been released officially, and this time it is a huge improvement over its predecessor. It is way too fast, and there are no time gaps between sending and receiving small packets thus making […]

Rogue ‘Free Firefox Download’ ads entice people to install PUAs on their PCs

There is a warning for the potential users of Mozilla Firefox. The “Free Firefox Download” ad could leave your computer with privacy-invading Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs). As per a warning released by Webroot, there are many rogue “Free Firefox Download” advertisement […]

Firefox Now Supports CSP 1.0 to Block XSS Attacks

After a long wait and debate Mozilla Firefox 23 finally supports Content Security Policy 1.0 (CSP 1.0), a set of content restriction for a web page. Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 are already supporting CSP 1.0. Google Chrome added […]

Internet Explorer 10 is the Most Energy Efficient Browser

Microsoft has published a blog post that highlights that Internet Explorer 10 is and continues to be the most energy-efficient browser on Windows 8. The report was published on World Environment Day. As per the report of Center for Sustainable […]

Interactive Trek to Mt Everest basecamp from Internet Explorer

Have you ever been to trekking on Mount Everest or ever dreamt about the same? If yes, Microsoft has some good news for you. You can now have overwhelming trekking experience right on your computer system/tablet. Microsoft’s partnership with GlacierWorks […]

Chrome Roll IT

Google launches ROLL IT campaign for Chrome browser

We often connect two devices for the tasks such as connecting to the internet, transferring data from one device to another and many more. However, what will it be like if you can use both your computer and your phone […]

Internet Explorer 10 beats Chrome, Firefox, Opera at blocking malware

Yet another study has shown that Internet Explorer 10 beats its competitors when it comes to blocking malware. NSS Labs compared the built-in protection capabilities of Internet Explorer 10 with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera browsers and concluded that […]

Microsoft Plans Fix For Vulnerability in Internet Explorer For Patch Tuesday

Microsoft provides the Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification Service to help the customers plan for effective use of security updates. In its pre-Patch Tuesday notification advisory, Microsoft states that the company is planning to release a fix for the entire bugs […]

Microsoft Fix it to mitigate Internet Explorer 8 vulnerability released

Microsoft has released a Fix It solution, that will allow users to automatically fix the security vulnerability found recently in Internet Explorer 8. Microsoft Security Advisory 2847140 stated: This is a remote code execution vulnerability. The vulnerability exists in the […]

Twitter to end support for IE6 and IE7

Seeing the dwindling share of Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7 in the global browser market share, Twitter announced that they would no longer support these outdated web browsers. Most computer users have already updated to the latest versions […], a new website from Microsoft, showcases Touch & HTML5

Microsoft has launched a new website to showcase HTML5 & Touch. The site lets users use intuitive touch gestures to mix audio files to create an original sound track. The site features a sound track from Blake Lewis and […]

Google Chrome 25 released; will disable silent extension installs

Google Chrome 25 has been released and is now available for download. The changes introduced include improvements in extensions and add-ons management, performance,  security and minor bug fixes. Chrome 25 will by default, disable extensions which are installed by third-party […]

Google develops App Launcher For Chrome Packaged Apps

Google has released a new app launcher for Windows users. The Chrome app launcher is designed specially to help Chrome users opening the web apps outside the browser. With this Chrome app launcher the packaged apps can be launched from outside, […]

Microsoft Announces The Online Debut Of Thief Of Thieves Game

‘Thief of Thieves’, the interactive online game finally has made its debut on Internet Explorer. For those who don’t know; Thief of Thieves is a game series based on the comic book from Skybound and Kirkman. The official website of […]