Latest Chrome news.

Google develops App Launcher For Chrome Packaged Apps

Google has released a new app launcher for Windows users. The Chrome app launcher is designed specially to help Chrome users opening the web apps outside the browser. With this Chrome app launcher the packaged apps can be launched from outside, […]

Rich Templated Notifications now Available for Windows Chromium Build

Chromium is an open-source browser project that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way for experiencing the web. It has now been updated for Windows to include a new notification center. The first person to note this […]

Google Chrome 24 Released; Boots Even Faster

A new version of Google Chrome – Chrome 24 has been released. Prior to the release, there was no word from the Internet search giant. No fireworks! Just a short description on Google Chrome read as – ‘With today’s Chrome […]

IE 10 trailing behind Chrome 23 and Firefox 17

The New Year doesn’t seem to bring good news at all for Microsoft. First, this morning Net application report suggested Windows Phones are still way behind Android and Apple’s iOS and now the website’s  preliminary data from December shows the […]

TwitPic Blocked by Google Chrome over Malware Issue

Yesterday, some Twitter users reported they encountered a problem while trying to log into their Twitter or TwitPic account using Google’s Chrome browser. Google referring TwitPic as a malware distributor and citing reasons that the micro-blogging platform’s picture sharing service […]

Google Chrome 23 with Do Not Track feature support released

Microsoft was first to start supporting the ‘DO NOT TRACK’ feature in its proprietary browser – Internet Explorer. Later, Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari, and Opera followed suit, but Google’s Chrome trailed behind. Not any more! Google has released Chrome version […]

Chrome Remote Desktop loses Beta Tag, Adds Useful Extras

Google last year developed a desktop sharing tool, an extension called Chrome Beta Desktop for its widely popular browser – Google Chrome. The plugin allowed its users to remotely access a computer at another location through the Chrome browser however, […]

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Internet Explorer 10 beats Chrome in performance in Google’s RoboHornet test

Google yesterday released an open-source micro-benchmark test named as RoboHornet for evaluating the browser performance. In the performance test, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10 scored extremely well, but what was puzzling was Chrome’s own performance in the test. It was extremely bad and […]

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Chrome Time Machine celebrates 4 years of the browsers launch

To celebrate 4 years of launch of the Google Chrome web browser, Google has launched a website that will let you track Chrome’s journey for a better web. The Chrome Time Machine lets you travel through key moments in Chrome’s history […]

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Google confirms working on Windows 8 Metro mode version of Chrome

With the release of Windows 8 coming closer day by day, companies are working hard to make their products compatible to Windows 8 Metro UI. Now according to the latest news, Google has confirmed that it is developing a new […]

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Google introduces Google Related, a browsing assistant

Google has introduced a browsing asistant called Google Related. It is a Google Toolbar feature that will show you related useful content as you browse the web, and display it in a thin bar at the bottom of your page. […]

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Google Chrome’s Browse For A Good Cause initiative

Google has launched a new social initiative under the “Chrome for a Cause” umbrella. Every tab you open on Chrome browser, this December 15 through 19, will serve a good cause.  

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Google launches the Chrome Web Store

Google has launched the Chrome Web Store where you will see a lot of apps, extensions and themes for Chrome, some paid, some free.

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GMail adds drag, drop, save attachment to desktop feature

Google has added a new feature to GMail. If you are using Google Chrome browser, you can now drag, drop and save file attachments onto the desktop. Dragging and dropping files is an easy way to save time .

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After RealPlayer, Avast & AdAware to bundle Chrome browser.

Google’s nascent browser has paired with one of the most popular free security programs in the world so that when users run the Avast installer on a computer that has neither Chrome nor Avast, they’ll be offered a chance to […]

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Google to promote Chrome through TV?

Google may promote it’s Chrome browser through TV ads. This ad, was made by the Google’d Japan Team to promote Chrome, and according to Google’s official blog, will be featured on TV. However, a Google spokesperson said there currently aren’t […]