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You can now test drive Microsoft Edge through Virtual Machine

Not everyone might be willing to install Windows 10 fully to give it a test run. Such persons would rather test the operating system in a virtual machine. With that in mind, Microsoft made it possible to run Windows 10 […]

Windows 10 by 10

Windows 10 by 10 development series to help developers build better apps

For Microsoft, the successful release of the new Windows 10 operating system is really a big achievement. The capabilities and functionalities that Windows 10 brings to its users is unmatched. Undoubtedly it is a great operating system to work on […]

Microsoft releases Windows 10 SDK for Developers

The rollout of much awaited Windows 10 free upgrade from Microsoft has started from yesterday (July 29) across 190 countries. Along with the public roll out, the company made an official announcement that both Windows 10 and related developer tools […]

Windows SDK for Facebook announced

Ahead of the Windows 10 launch slated for July 29, Microsoft announced the roll out of a new open-source software-development kit specifically designed for developers to help them integrate bits of Facebook into apps for Windows 10. Windows SDK for […]

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Application Deployment Tool

The latest Windows 10 Preview Build 10166 today was today launched with an announcement of Windows 10 Application Deployment Tool for developers. Developers can use this tool to deploy a Universal Windows application from Windows 10 PC to Windows 10 […]

Microsoft welcomes Developers to Windows 10 Platform

In its renewed bid to make Windows 10 the most attractive development platform ever, Microsoft at BUILD, announced several new capabilities coming to Windows 10. The company anticipates Windows massive adoption by customers across the world by making the platform […]

IE Diagnostics Adapter

Microsoft introduces the IE Diagnostics Adapter for third party developer tools

Microsoft announced Internet Explorer Diagnostics Adapter for developers. This tool will enable them to debug and diagnose Internet Explorer 11 using the Chrome remote debug protocol. IE Diagnostics Adapter As Microsoft puts, this tool stands as an open source experimental […]


Microsoft presentation talks about The Journey To One Windows

Microsoft has released a PowerPoint presentation that will help common users and developers understand how it is going to be with Windows 10. The initial slides suggest that there will be just one Windows 10 instead of Windows Home, Windows […]

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Developer Tools Preview for Insiders

In the first week of  this month, Microsoft announced the initial details on Windows 10 developer strategy and the universal app platform, briefing Windows 10 from a developer point of you. Today, the first technical preview of the Windows 10 Developer […]

Microsoft Band SDK Preview for Developers released

Microsoft Band is a cross-platform wearable which keeps track of your health and fitness on the go. Just like your health assistant, Microsoft Band acts as an important accessory by displaying various notifications and alerts from messaging, calendar and other […]

Microsoft to support development of Node.js Foundation

Microsoft recently announced its endeavor to support the freshly developing Node.js Foundation. The 0ther big groups joining Microsoft in this endeavor include Fidelity, IBM, PayPal, the Linux Foundation and Joyent. Node.js Node.js is an open source platform made on Chrome […]

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Windows Game Developer Contest – Chance to win $10,000

Here is a chance for the game developers across the globe to win $10,000. How? Windows has recently made an announcement of the ‘Windows Game Developer Contest’, where game and app developers from around the world stand a chance to […]


Developers to strengthen their power again with Windows 10

With the announcement of Windows 10: The Next Chapter new inspirations and innovations in the world of computers are on the way. Microsoft has paid special attention towards developing the new version of the Windows so that everyone has something […]


GitHub Student Developer Pack includes Visual Studio Community 2013

This is a great new for the students who look forward to using GitHub Student Developer Pack for learning software development. GitHub and Microsoft join hands to make software development learning a great experience by including Visual Studio Community 2013 […]

Visual Studio 2015

Microsoft open sources .NET & delivers new tools and capabilities

Microsoft had made an important announcement. The company announced its plans to open source the entire .NET framework to millions of developers across the globe. The .NET framework, which has been used as the programming model by developers to develop […]

Mozilla introduces the Firefox Developer Edition browser

A few days ago, Mozilla embarked upon a new mission in creating a browser catering specially to developers’ needs. Fast forward a week, we learn the browser maker has revealed some additional details about the Firefox Developer Edition browser. On […]


RemoteIE: Test latest IE on Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS

The long awaited RemoteIE tool has finally been announced by Microsoft. RemoteIE is available as a preview version via Azure RemoteApp tool where in, developers from different cross-platform operating system can download the RemoteIE client and can test the latest […]


Microsoft announces a new online developer event called Connect();

Microsoft has recently announced its plans to host an online developer event called Connect(); which will be live from New York on November 12, 2015. Microsoft Connect(); Talking about the event, the company says: Build on your current skills, unleash […]


Microsoft’s Cube: The intersection of Art and Technology

When art and technology come together, the union can create a magical experience and some really unbelievable things. This is what happened when Microsoft’s creative and technical team came together and built ‘the Cube’. The Cube debuts at Decibel Festival, […]

Microsoft to close its Research lab, Trustworthy Computing Group, etc.

The victim of the latest round of Microsoft restructuring underway is the company’s esteemed Silicon Valley research group. Yes, the news is that Microsoft is shutting down its research facility that focuses on distributed computing. The Microsoft Research lab was […]

Microsoft OCR Library for Windows Runtime

Microsoft OCR Library for Windows Runtime released as NuGet Package

Microsoft recently announced Microsoft OCR Library for Windows Runtime as a NuGet package. This is an application used by Windows Phone 8/8.1, Windows Store apps to add text recognition capabilities to the devices. The feature of Microsoft OCR Library is […]

Internet Explorer Developer Channel

Microsoft Internet Explorer Developer Channel is live

Microsoft has announced the release of Internet Explorer Developer Channel to give developers an early look in on the various features of Internet Explorer. The IE Developer Channel provides a version of the browser for Developer’s to explore and test […]


TrueCrypt must not die! Community efforts On to organize a future.

While TrueCrypt, the popular encryption software may have been killed under mysterious circumstances, efforts are “On” to give it a future. No reasons were given by TrueCrypt’s developers for their decision to kill the popular open source software, nor was […]


TrueCrypt dies … under mysterious circumstances!

The ultimate encryption freeware TrueCrypt has abruptly announced that the software is no longer secure after Microsoft ended support for Windows XP. This sudden news has sent shockwaves to the online community as TrueCrypt bears the honor of being the […]

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack 2014 released

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack 2014 has been released. The latest version of Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP), the desktop virtualization and management toolset from Microsoft; was released for download yesterday. MDOP 2014 is a suite of desktop management solutions that […]

Registration is now open for Microsoft’s BUILD 2014 Developer Conference

Microsoft’s iconic BUILD Developer Conference is now, or will be in a few hours will be open for registration. Depending on your geographic location, the timing may differ. Microsoft’s website says it will be open the registration at 9AM PST, […]