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Facebook to claim #1 spot in Video Advertising defeating YouTube

YouTube is the hub of videos. However, it seems, video advertisers are giving more preference to Facebook for putting up their video ads, rather than the video sharing website itself. A recent analysis done by Mixpo reveals that Facebook Video […]

You can now use Facebook to send divorce summons

What do you do if your spouse is not available or is purposefully avoiding receipt of divorce papers? In an judgement passed by a New York judge, the court has allowed a nurse to file for divorce via Facebook messaging […]

Facebook invading Privacy, Tracks all visitors in breach of EU Law

According to a news report, Facebook installs cookies on the users’ computers and tracks their internet use, even after the user has logged out, opted out of tracking or deleted the Facebook account Facebook, like any other website, does this […]

Facebook introduces ‘On This Day’: Walk down the memory lane

After testing it in beta mode for almost two years, Facebook has finally launched its app ‘On This Day’ today. The app takes users for a nostalgic trip to their past and shows where they were and what they were […]

Facebook user fakes suicide; Lands in Mental Asylum

Facebook user Shane said he wanted to test the Facebook suicide prevention tool and hence he posted suicidal material on the social networking site. Anyway, he had to spend 72 hours in a mental asylum as no one was willing […]

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger now lets you transfer money to Friends

Transfer money while you chat, is what Facebook telling its users. If you use Facebook Messenger to chat with your friends about splitting a last night party bill or clearing canteen debts, Facebook has made it easy for you to […] to discontinue Facebook chat and Google chat integration

The team has sent an email to its users informing them that the will stop supporting Facebook chat and Google chat in It notified its users in the mail: Within the next couple of weeks, we will […]

buttons for Facebook Page

Call-To-Action Button for Facebook Pages launched

Facebook Page is mostly used for business purpose. Most of the organizations and online retailers are creating Facebook Pages for their own company. It is a place for them to understand the taste of their customers and what they are […]

legacy contact

Facebook Legacy Contact lets you manage account even after death

Now stay alive even after your death with Facebook Legacy Contact, a new feature recently added by Facebook. Legacy contact allows users to nominate a family member or a friend to have control over their Facebook profile afterlives. Facebook is […]


Facebook introduces ThreatExchange, a common threat sharing platform

Facebook has made a platform, called ThreatExchange, where data on current attacks (such as malware and phishing attacks) can be shared. Companies including Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, and Yahoo! are already participating and Facebook is now calling for others to join in. […]

Facebook provides free Internet in India

Facebook tied up with Reliance communications to provide free Internet in India. Reliance communications says the initiative by Facebook also includes a total of 33 free websites under different categories, mostly education, health and social networking. People who are using […]

tagging malware

Fatal Porn-based tagging malware infects thousands of Facebook accounts

It’s time to adjust your Facebook privacy settings as the famous social networking site is attacked by a fatal Porn-based tagging malware infecting thousands of Facebook accounts. Though it is not the first time that Facebook has been infected with […]

Facebook and Instagram Suffer Global Outage – DDoS Suspected

Thousands of Facebook users were left bewildered as the social networking site went down for almost 40 minutes, possibly due to a DDoS attack. They were not able to login as the main page was showing a message that said […]

Facebook drops Bings Search engine results

Facebook has silently dumped the Bing search engine results and they will no more be displayed on Facebook. Facebook has been using the Microsoft Bing Search results since the year 2010, but the refurbished Facebook search offerings will now include […]

ESET joins the Facebook security vector

Facebook, being the most popular social media network is a big target for scams and thus the team has decided to partner with security vendor ESET. This is the third security vector of Facebook this year. Earlier in May, the […]

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups, a new app by Facebook, launched

If you are a die-hard fan or a regular user of Facebook, this is something of your interest. Along with the fleet of apps by Facebook such as Rooms, Paper and Slingshot; the giant has launched yet another app called […]

Facebook launches New Places Directory

The Facebook team has been hard at work on several new tools in the last few months. Its latest launch – New Places Directory looks to be a big step in the direction of local search. The new feature rolled […]


Facebook and Yahoo develop new method to handle recycled email addresses

Last year we covered about Yahoo releasing inactive Yahoo IDs and making them available for new users.  Microsoft, too, has been recycling inactive email accounts. However the act of releasing inactive IDs has raised concerns of intruders using deleted […]


Facebook introduces the App

In today’s world, the Internet has become a necessity more than a luxury. It connects us to the whole world. However, there are still majority parts of the world which do not have access to the internet. This is mainly […]

Facebook Launches Slingshot

After a failed attempt to buy Snapchat last year, Mark Zuckerberg has now come up with Slingshot, an app similar to Snapchat, which deletes the photos and videos shortly after sharing. The new Facebook app, Slingshot allows the users to […]

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Facebook to use your Browsing History to deliver Ads

Facebook will soon be launching a new ad program which will display the ads on your timeline according to your browsing history. Your timeline will now show the ads based on the websites you visit over the web. For example, […]


Facebook to offer free malware cleanups to infected computers

Imagine the count of visitors that Facebook attracts every day. More the traffic, increased is the chances of many getting affected by threats such as malware. Though it is almost impossible to protect against all modern security threats, Facebook seems […]


Facebook to buy WhatsApp messaging service for a whopping $19 billion

A move that can be termed as surprising, if not shocking, Facebook Inc announced on Wednesday afternoon that it was acquiring WhatsApp for $19 billion in stock and cash. WhatsApp is a world leader in mobile messaging over the internet […]

Facebook was hacked on its 10th anniversary by Syrian Electronic Army

Only yesterday when Facebook was celebrating its 10 year anniversary, a group called the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) reportedly claimed that it had taken control over the domain. However, within half an hour or so, Facebook took back control its […]

Facebook completes a decade and takes you down the memory lane

The social media website which transformed the way we network, Facebook turns 10 today. Here’s wishing a very Happy Birthday to the world’s most popular and successful social network. On the occasion, Mark Zukerberg, founder of Facebook released an open […]