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Chrome to give out bolder Malware and Phishing warnings

Phishing has become a growing menace where cyber criminals trick you into sharing information, usually via a fake website. As such, there is dire need to have some kind of mechanism in place to avoid such unwelcome instances in the […]


Beware of NgrBot malware; it can wipe out your hard disk!

Remember IrcBot? They could easily connect to Internet Relay Chat as a client, and fool other IRC users as being another user by performing automated functions. But here comes a new addition to this malware family, identified as NgrBot. NgrBot […]

VBA Micro

VBA macro malware makes a resurgent comeback

There is one more reason now to watch out for the security of your PCs. The deadly VBA macro malware which infected millions of Word and Excel files during the 1990s has made a comeback. The curse of 1990’s, the […]

Secure Search

AVG Safeguard and Secure Search Toolbars found to be vulnerable

According to a research from the CERT Coordination Center, the AVG Safeguard and Secure Search Toolbars have been found to be insecure and vulnerable and could provide access for remote attackers to inflict malicious code on computers. The report says […]

Scam Cryptolocker file decryption tools start making an appearance

Many people have lost their data and money to ransomware like GameOver Zeus and Cryptolocker. While users are still recovering from the losses there is yet another breed of malware writers that are exploiting the hysteria and chaos created by Cryptolocker. […]


FBI and Microsoft join hand in cleanup of GameOver Zeus botnet

Zeus (also known as Zbot) is an infamously known botnet that infects the computers running under various versions of the Microsoft Windows OS. Now, yet another variant from the family of Zeus malware is making big news and this variant […]

Pakistan, Indonesia, Algeria top Malware Encounter Rate globally

According to a report by Microsoft Corp., Pakistan, Indonesia, Algeria, lead the group in the number of malware infections worldwide. Data released by Microsoft Security Intelligence Report volume 16 this month mentions the above countries as the leading locations with […]


Facebook to offer free malware cleanups to infected computers

Imagine the count of visitors that Facebook attracts every day. More the traffic, increased is the chances of many getting affected by threats such as malware. Though it is almost impossible to protect against all modern security threats, Facebook seems […]

Finland, Japan, Norway show the lowest malware infection rates

Malware infection rates are lowest in Finland, states the latest Security Intelligence Report Vol. 15 released by Microsoft in a quarterly test. Microsoft measured the malware infection rates in 106 countries/regions quarterly. According to the report the infection rates are […]

ZeroAccess botnet

Microsoft and Partners hunt down ZeroAccess botnet

Continuing its crusade against botnet, Microsoft announced that it has disrupted a dangerous botnet called ZeroAccess that has impacted millions of PC across the US and Western Europe. Teaming up with Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), the Federal Bureau of […]

CryptoLocker Ransomware Authors Raise Ransom Demands

CryptoLocker has become a reason for rising panic among the Microsoft Windows-based computers users for the last few weeks. A malware variant that fits in the ‘ransomware’ category primarily spreads through email attachments where it arrives as an executable file […]

New backdoor bypasses Windows User Account Control & performs key logging

 The infectious BackDoor.Saker.1 is the spreading malware that intercepts input data from the keyboard and is capable of bypassing the Windows User Account Control (UAC). The Russian anti-virus company Dr.Web has warned the users about BackDoor.Saker.1 whose main function is […]

Orbit Downloader contains code for Denial of Service (DOS) attacks

The popular file downloading add-on Orbit Downloader has been reported to contain the code for a Denial of Service (DOS) attack. Orbit Downloader is a highly acknowledged download manager that lets you increase your downloads speed, and in addition, also offers […]


Microsoft redesigns & launches new Malware Protection Center website

Microsoft has listened to feedback and launched a new redesigned website for its Malware Protection Center that is aimed at providing its users an easier way to find security software and updates. The new website launch comes as one of […]

G Data records more than 666,666 mobile malware for Android

G Data Security Labs, the anti-malware software provider have recorded more than 666,666 unique mobile malware programs for the Android platform in their database. The report is updated till June 2013. The report also added that the number is expected […]

Rogue ‘Free Firefox Download’ ads entice people to install PUAs on their PCs

There is a warning for the potential users of Mozilla Firefox. The “Free Firefox Download” ad could leave your computer with privacy-invading Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs). As per a warning released by Webroot, there are many rogue “Free Firefox Download” advertisement […]

Android malware spread via compromised Yahoo! Accounts

In most cases, hacked websites are believed to be the main source of malware infection but recent research has proved that spam sent from compromised email accounts too, contributes to the spread of infection. Spam sent from compromised accounts is […]

Firefox OS not secure, invites phishing and malware, says analyst

An analyst Axelle Apvrille from the Fortinet Blog has uncovered the security threats and loopholes in the underlying technology base for Firefox OS. She has developed an application for Firefox called CrackMe and has explored the malware threats and possibilities […]


Social Bots are on the rise, and marching, says Microsoft

If the growth of social networking websites is a known fact then so is the emergence of social bots. In social sites people found and adopted an innovative way to connect and communicate. But social networking did not only attracted […]

Malware to combat malware could become legally available

If it was up to the American “Intellectual Property Commission”, malware could soon be used to legally combat intellectual property theft. In their 84-page report the independent organization demands the usage of techniques that usually can be found in ransomware, […]


Microsoft warns you to stay away from these PDF files

A common way of infecting computers with malware is by exploiting software vulnerabilities. These days Java and Adobe Flash are always in the news for these very reasons. What is not so commonly know, that at one point in time, […]

Is the Dorkbot worm stealing your Facebook information?

Facebook which connects millions of people around the world is also becoming a primary source for the spread of Dorkbot worm, first discovered in 2011. Since then, the worm has been spreading through removable drives, IM programs and social networks. […]