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Microsoft announces BUILD Conference 2013

The BUILD conference in 2011 was first of a kind for Microsoft that saw the whole world get a glimpse of the new Windows OS version, called as Windows 8. Carrying on with this practice, Microsoft just announced BUILD 2013, […]

Andrew Kim of ‘Next Microsoft Logo’ Fame Hired By Microsoft

Microsoft may have unveiled its actual new logo months ago, but that doesn’t mean the software giant didn’t take note of the portfolio of the curious designer – Andrew Kim. The talented designer via his creative work showed how the […]

Microsoft EPG Media Center Outage Still in a Fix

‘Watch, pause, and record live TV. Enjoy online entertainment and do it all from your living-room couch! That’s what the description for Windows Media Center reads as. But of late, quite a few users have been reporting the issue with […]

Former Windows President Steven Sinofsky launches his new blog

Steven Sinofsky, the former president of Microsoft’s Windows division, is yet again in the news. Very recently he had made an announcement via his Twitter account that he will be launching his new personal blog and today he finally launched it. His […]

2012: A year of Microsoft Milestones

Year 2012 was a significant year for Microsoft. The company not only released its latest OS for Windows-based PCs and Windows Phones (Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8) with a new logo but also introduced to the world its first-ever […]

US had planned to drop a nuclear bomb on the moon in the 1950s

A nuclear invasion on the moon? Yes, you heard it right! If the U.S.A went ahead with its plan during the Cold War with Russia, there would have been significant bits and pieces of the moon floating in the space […]

GivingTuesday: A time to give back and do something meaningful

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday is over, there is a new day that you need to know about – and that’s Giving Tuesday! Around 1,000 organizations, businesses and charities in the U.S. have come together to promote the […]

Windows Division Head Steven Sinofsky Leaves Microsoft!

This news has just broken…..Steven Sinofsky, the champion face we have been seeing on various Microsoft events including the Surface launch has left Microsoft! This is what the official Press release says: Microsoft Corp. today announced that Windows and Windows Live President […]

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Microsoft gets a new logo

Microsoft has unveiled a new logo for the company. The logo has two components: the logotype and the symbol. For the logotype, Microsoft is using the Segoe font. The symbol’s squares of color are intended to express the company’s diverse […]

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Survey: Most go online for no reason! Why do you?

A recent study from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project confirms many of us go online for no reason. The phone survey conducted from in July-August  among 2,260 American adults, found that on any given day, 53% […]

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Steven Sinofsky – The new Microsoft CEO in the making?

He came. He saw. He conquered. That’s what Steven Sinofsky did during BUILD. Steven has been, of late, one of the most influential figures from Microsoft, especially when the talk corners to Windows 8. Never in the history did a […]

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Agnitum Outpost extends free competitive upgrade program

Agnitum, developers of Outpost Pro and Outpost Free security product lines, has announced that the company’s free competitive upgrade program, originally launched in late July for security suites, is valid for 20 more days until September 30, 2011 and now […]

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Microsoft to hike salaries to retain Top Brass

Microsoft has always been a company with an upper hand over its peers and in fact always attracted the best talent around the world. Microsoft has its presence in hardware, software and services space that makes it the most sought […]

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Microsoft kicks-off Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

Probably tired with everyone shouting out aloud when they found a security problem in Microsoft software, Microsoft has decided to turn the tables. They have announced their Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Policy for non-Microsoft software.

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India wins Cricket World Cup 2011, LIVE from Microsoft

India erupted in joy, as India defeated Sri Lanka to win the Cricket World Cup 2011. A the same time, more than 7000 miles away, a huge roar was also heard inside Microsoft’s building 121, which houses a cafeteria.

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The Geeks Club website launched

I am pleased to inform you that we have launched a new website The Geeks Club. The website will cover all news, developments, reviews, tips, hacks, apps, developments about Android phones and operating system, iPhone and the iOS operating system, […]

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Microsoft India Chairman Ravi Venkatesan quits

Ravi Venkatesan, who has led Microsoft India for the last seven years, as Chairman and Corporate Vice President resigned on Thursday, to pursue opportunities outside Microsoft.

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Leaving Microsoft … words we keep hearing from Redmond; as of late!

The latest to leave Microsoft, Microsoft Windows Vice President Brad Brooks marks the third high profile employee to announce their departure from Microsoft this year. With us, only 20 days into the new year does this mean bad for Microsoft?

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The Microsoft Numbers of 2010

Microsoft today released some numbers and statistics highlighting the performance of Xbox & Kinect for Xbox 360 , Windows Phone 7 and Windows 7!

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Director’s Cut by Steve Clayton – Next at Microsoft

Quietly, Microsoft managed to kick off a new site, a blog by the forever ‘storyteller’ (Yes, that’s the official title too!) – Steve Clayton, who moved to Redmond from UK earlier this year.

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Microsoft Technologies that rocked 2010

Cool & Innovative are the two words that describe the Microsoft technologies that hit the Indian market in 2010. Be it Realtime search or bringing Microsoft Office to consumers through cloud computing, gaming without any controllers or  web cameras that […]

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Computer Weekly’s IT Blog Awards 2010

Computer Weekly’s search for the best blogs in IT is back for its third year, and the 2010 competition, brought to you in association with IBM.

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TGDaily spews venom, gets into the anti-Microsoft mode!

There was a time when TGDaily gave balanced views about technologies. But now all that seems to have been changed! TGDaily, a tech site apparently has a new staff writer that has been going off about  Microsoft in a very […]