Latest OneDrive news.

New File Viewers now available on OneDrive for Business

OneDrive For Business is getting some great new upgrades in terms of overall compatibility with file viewing. The team at Microsoft is adding multiple new file viewers so that users don’t have to use third-party apps to access them on […]

UWP OneDrive app available now for Xbox One

We love the Xbox On because it’s more than just a video game console, but an entertainment hub as well. When the console first came on the scene, it had several features that drew our attention, and one of them […]

OneDrive for Business gets new features for simplifying Syncing process

We are increasingly integrating the digital devices with our physical world. The amount of content produced today is growing exponentially, and so is our working relationships. To maintain a right balance and productivity in this scenario, it’s essential that people […]

OneDrive updated with features like SharePoint Online Sync Preview

The Microsoft Ignite 2016 conference is currently underway in Atlanta and the company is making some huge announcements all across the 5-day action packed event. One of the big announcements today was major updates to OneDrive, the cloud-based storage service. […]

Microsoft releases new Usage Report feature for Sharepoint and OneDrive

Microsoft is all about delivering solid reporting when it comes down to OneDrive for Business, Exchange Online, and SharePoint Online. The company first rollout the usage report back in March of this year, and now it has decided to improve […]

Copying files between OneDrive and SharePoint is being rolled out

Copying files between OneDrive and SharePoint has always been a feature users have wanted, and now, Microsoft is delivering. The company has finally made it possible, but seeing as this is just the first phase, one should not expect everything […]

Microsoft updates OneDrive Android app with ability to preview Office documents

Microsoft has been pitching its products across all platforms aggressively. In fact, Microsoft products including Outlook and Office are some of the most frequently downloaded/preloaded apps from the Google Play store. This time around Microsoft has released a new update […]


Microsoft updates OneDrive with Pokémon detector and improved Search

OneDrive, the cloud storage service from Microsoft recently received some much-needed updates along with Pokémon detector. Cashing on the Pokémon craze that has swept the gaming World since last few weeks, the company updated OneDrive to display captured Pokémon screenshots […]

Microsoft limits Data Transfers on OneDrive Free account

Microsoft throws yet another surprise for its OneDrive customers. Unfortunately, the announcement generates more disappointment rather than enthusiasm. Microsoft has secretly set a limit for data transfers for the OneDrive Free account. Data Transfers limited on OneDrive Free accounts The […]

Skype calling and chat support for Office Online and OneDrive added

Earlier, it was quite bothering to switch apps when working on Office Online or OneDrive to ping your friend on Skype. Not anymore! Microsoft now enables Skype calling and chat support by rolling out a new update to Office Online […]

OneDrive Universal App marks its presence in Windows Store

If you are familiar to the Windows ecosystem, it is most likely that OneDrive is something you use quiet often. Considering the latest bout of improvements, I have also seen many users from other platforms use the OneDrive extensively. Microsoft has […]

Microsoft lets OneDrive users keep 15 GB storage

Back in November, Microsoft had announced some big changes to its OneDrive storage plans. Apart from no more unlimited storage, OneDrive had decided that the Free base storage quota of 15 GB will be reduced to 5 GB and no […]

Microsoft improves OneDrive Office integration

Microsoft has updated OneDrive, improving OneDrive Office integration. The latest updates makes it even more easier to work with other people wherever they may be. A few days back, we had posted about Syncing Shared folders in OneDrive, a new […]

Now sync Shared folders in OneDrive

You can now sync Shared folders in OneDrive. This was one of the most requested feature by users and now has been added. Omar Shahine, Group Program Manager for OneDrive tweeted about it. Sync Shared folders in OneDrive Some more […]

OneDrive web UI gets a total redesign

Microsoft is rolling out a completely re-designed responsive OneDrive web experience. OneDrive web UI gets a total redesign. We have been seeing regularly many updates including design updates to OneDrive apps on Android, Windows Phone and iOS. A few months […]

OneDrive app brings photos to Android Wear…and more!

The OneDrive app for Android and Windows Phone received ant updated with some very interesting features. The OneDrive team introduced a feature for Android Wear and Cortana search integration for Windows Phone app. Let us check some details on it. […]

OneDrive Roadmap reveals Universal App coming in Q4 2015

At its first-ever Ignite Conference, Microsoft Corp. announced a range of new products and services that aims to help IT professionals and make their work easier. One such session of the conference was dedicated outlining upcoming features to OneDrive for […]

OneDrive lets you access music files across all Windows devices

Since some time, we have been hearing about OneDrive getting ready for Music. Starting today, you can put your personal music collection on OneDrive and access them across your Windows devices with the Xbox music app for free! Just upload […]

Sharing folders

OneDrive for Business makes File Management easier

Newly introduced features in Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business now makes it even easier to create, share and find your files easily with the latest update. It gives you right-click menu options for files and folders to copy, move, download, delete and share.Microsoft […]

Windows Phone OneDrive app gets PIN, Multiple Account, Album features

OneDrive this time, has updated its Windows Phone app. The OneDrive app for Windows Phone gets some cool new updates today. The updates are : Support multiple user accounts for OneDrive on Windows Phone PIN code support create and view […]

Microsoft releases new OneDrive API

Microsoft today announced the release of new OneDrive API on the GitHub. Microsoft calling the developers to integrate the OneDrive into their apps to store and manage user data. The OneDrive API works across all major platforms, be it Windows, […]

OneDrive team thanks its users as it turns 1

On Feb 19th, 2014 exactly an year ago global availability of OneDrive was announced. This was after the SkyDrive was changed to OneDrive. That day, it was not just the change of name but several new capabilities were rolled out […]

Dropbox users can get 100GB of free OneDrive storage; see how!

OneDrive from time to time has been offering additional free storage to its users. Recently we had seen OneDrive collaborating with Bing Rewards and offering 100 GB of free OneDrive storage for 2 years. With the increase in use of […]


OneDrive on iOS now works with third party password managers

OneDrive on iOS now works with third party password managers 1Password and LastPass. Users can now sign in to their OneDripe apps on iOS automatically via these two password managers. We store all our important files and credentials at OneDrive […]

Bing Rewards offers free 100GB OneDrive storage

We all like to have more and more of online storage, and Microsoft from time to time has provided some bonus storage for its OneDrive users. So do you want 100 GB of OneDrive storage that too for Free? Bing […]