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Mac and iOS devices receive updates for OneDrive for Business

OneDrive is a file hosting service that is being popularly used across many devices today. You can keep your files private, share them with your contacts, or can keep them publicly as well, on OneDrive. In the past Windows Phone […] now offers a Save to OneDrive option

One of the popular feature requests by users has been the option to save the attachment directly to OneDrive. Presently if one receives an attachment, one has to download it first, then has to upload it to OneDrive if […]

OneDrive Android app gets custom pin timeouts, shake for feedback, etc.

The OneDrive for Android app has been updated to Version 2.9.3. Microsoft is continuing providing regular updates to the OneDrive apps. It has now updated its Android app with custom pin timeouts, shake for feedback, Push notifications for shared files […]

Office mobile for Android updated with OneDrive sharing and Dropbox support

Microsoft had earlier, announced its strategic partnership with Dropbox for Office integration. This partnership will help integrate services for collaboration across Dropbox and Microsoft Office on phones, tablets and the Web. With the latest updates for the Office Mobile app […]

Microsoft partners with Dropbox for Office integration

Dropbox and Microsoft announced a strategic partnership that will help people to work more effectively. Microsoft is partnering with Dropbox for Office integration. They are coming together to integrate their services for collaboration across Dropbox and Microsoft Office on phones, […]

Click To Switch launcher makes it easier to switch between Microsoft services

Consumer services namely, and Office Online gets a new app launcher. It means that the header has been updated and so have and Office Online’s headers, making it easier to switch between these personal Microsoft services.  […]

OneDrive iOS app updated with touch ID, PIN code support

Earlier, in the last month we had seen that with updates to Android OneDrive app, OneDrive got more secure, with an option to set up a PIN. You have to enter a 4 digit code thus limiting the access to […] lets you share large files from OneDrive directly

It was always a bit tricky when you wanted to send large files as email attachments. Large files may be too large to attach or takes too long to upload  and send and sometimes it may even bounce back without […]

OneDrive app for Android

OneDrive app for Android gets improved All Photos and Sharing views

Last week, Microsoft offered an increase in the OneDrive free storage to 30GB and the Camera Roll storage to 15GB. Now the tech-giant has started rolling out new updates to its OneDrive Android app. The purpose of this update is […]

Limited time offer: Double your OneDrive free storage to 30 GB

OneDrive users are having great time with so many cool features being added so frequently. Just few days back we saw that OneDrive file size limit had been increased to 10GB along with many other most requested features being added. […]

OneDrive gets 10 GB files support, faster syncing, folder uploads

OneDrive team is indeed listening to its users , takes its users feedback seriously. We have been seeing series of improvements to OneDrive getting added frequently. Recently we had seen OneDrive apps for mobile be it for Windows Phone, Android […]

OneDrive mobile apps now let you access work account too!

Its nice to see Microsoft continuously improving its OneDrive. This time Microsoft OneDrive mobile apps have been updated for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Let us check some more details: Updates to OneDrive for Android Access OneDrive for Business:  This […]

OneDrive app now available for Kindle Fire and Fire phone

OneDrive (previously SkyDrive) advertises itself as ‘OneDrive on any device, anytime’ – and yes OneDrive has been made available on Windows PCs, Macs, tablets and mobile phones. While OneDrive is built in to the latest version of Windows, it can […]

OneDrive app for Windows Phone gets updated to v 4.2

OneDrive keeps improving! Only last month we had seen OneDrive app for Android and iOS being updated. Now the OneDrive app for Windows Phone gets yet another update. The latest version is Though this update is not a major one, it […]

OneDrive starts rolling out the increased storage space

Recently OneDrive team had announced that it would be increasing its storage space for free subscribers, Office 365 subscribers, and also reducing the cost for its paid plans, for those who wanted to buy extra storage. Today it announced that […], OneDrive get enhanced encryption protection

Microsoft has announced some major security milestones that honors the company’s commitment to security and more transparency. Earlier last year, Microsoft had announced its commitment for enhancing the security of customer’s data. It had announced its plans to reinforce legal […]

OneDrive app for Android and iOS updated; makes uploading easier

Just few days back OneDrive had announced about increasing storage space for its users so that users can store specially more photos. Photos are the most popular type of files people store on OneDrive. Now the OneDrive app on Android […]

OneDrive storage increased to 15 GB; Office 365 subscribers to get 1 TB

OneDrive team has announced a massive increase in their OneDrive storage plans. OneDrive provides a place for all the photos, videos, documents and other files. And the amount of these contents has been increasing tremendously as device use increases among […]

Windows 8.1 Optional Update adds new OneDrive features

In the recent Patch Tuesday updates, there were a lot of security and other updates for Windows 8.1 and Office in important categories. But along with this, there was an optional update for Windows 8.1 This optional update is named  […]

OneDriveXbox1 gets 3 photo related updates is rolling out 3 new updates related to photos making it a better experience on Xbox One, Windows Phone and at Xbox One now has new photo views on OneDrive OneDrive for Xbox lets you enjoy all your […]

SadSkyDrive sulks as OneDrive launches

What’s the hardest thing about SkyDriving? Securing a Copyright! Yes, Redmond locked horns with Murdoch but unfortunately lost to him. Even 100 GB of free space failed to appease the Australian American business magnate. What transpired next was the change in […]

OneDrive is here! Now available globally!

OneDrive the rechristened, free Cloud Storage for Microsoft, iOS and Android Devices has started rolling out and is available worldwide. We had posted earlier the Microsoft announcement that SkyDrive will soon become OneDrive . Existing SkyDrive users can just go […]


Microsoft may face fresh dispute over OneDrive brand name

Just a couple of days back we covered in a post about Microsoft renaming its popular cloud service SkyDrive to OneDrive after losing a trademark dispute with the UK broadcaster British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB). Microsoft was forced to adopt […]


Microsoft SkyDrive to become OneDrive

Microsoft announced today that SkyDrive will soon become OneDrive.  We had seen earlier in July 2013, that Microsoft had lost the rights to use the SkyDrive name and agreed to rebrand SkyDrive as a result of a settlement with British […]