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Countries with higher IQ scores have lower software piracy rates, says Study

Based on the information provided by the Business Software Alliance, an analysis found that national IQ score correlates with local software piracy rates. As per the study published by Raufhon Salahodjaev, Shoirahon Odilova, and Antonio R. Andr´es in their research […]


Recycling firm stole 70,000 copies of Office 2010: Microsoft sues

Oops, someone at an Arizona computer recycling firm is about to get eaten alive by Microsoft, and probably someone at Microsoft will likely get a verbal beating by Satya Nadella. You see, good ole Microsoft hired a recycling company to […]


Software Piracy Upward Climb Continues, Posing New Risks, Says Microsoft

Merely buying a branded PC does not guarantee protection from malicious programs. You need to have genuine software running on your system. Microsoft, in its new report highlights the fact how the counterfeit software poses risks to consumers, at large […]