Latest Ransomware news.


California to treat Ransomware as Extortion for better control on the crime

Ransomware is certainly a big crime as per the cyber laws. However, the Californian government has decided to treat ransomware not just a cybercrime; but as Extortion, a serious crime against humans. California’s SB-1137, signed into law last Tuesday by […]

Malware writer renames Ransomware after a security researcher

In an attempt to ruin the reputation of Fabian Wosar – the man who bears the reputation as a Ransomware decrypter, Apocalypse malware writers have renamed their ransomware after this Emsisoft security researcher as Fabiansomware. Malware writer renames its Ransomware […]

PokemonGo Ransomware creates a Hidden unexpected user

Ransomware is currently being perceived as one of the worst threat on the Internet and as we pointed out umpteen number of times no one is completely safe from the Ransomware. Pokemon Go has been one of the most popular games […]

Fantom Ransomware

Beware! Fantom Ransomware disguises itself as a Windows Update

There is a new Ransomware for you to deal with and it requires more attention than before. The new threat, known by the name of “Fantom Ransomware” disguises itself as a legitimate Microsoft Windows Update to trick users click malicious […]


Kaspersky NoRansom page lists Ransomware Decryption Tools

Ransomware remains as one of the most brutal infection among the malware family that locks your computer or encrypts your files. What more, once infected you cannot get your data back unless you pay a ransom. Even if you decide […]

Cerber Ransomware Decrypter

Check Point releases Cerber Ransomware Decrypter Tool

If your files are locked by Cerber Ransomware, you have a solution to unlock them without paying any ransom. Researchers from Check Point have released Cerber Ransomware Decrypter tool that decrypts files encrypted by the ransomware. Cerber ransomware is a […]

Chimera ransomware

Competitor leaks keys to Chimera ransomware

When businesses compete with each other, consumers benefit. Similarly, when hackers compete, it is the victims who benefit and same is the case with Chimera Ransomware whose keys were leaked by competition. The developer of the Petya and Mischa ransomware […]

no more ransom launched to help Ransomware victims

A new web portal will now help you removing the ransomware without paying off your hard earned money to the attackers. EUROPOL, Kaspersky, Intel, Netherland Police have come together to form a No More Ransom initiative. will help […]


FBI offers advice on how to stay safe from Ransomware

In a recent Law Enforcement Bulletin, the FBI has published a detailed write-up on ransomware. The bulletin includes how to recognize the ransomware, its threats and how to stay safe from ransomware. This proffer is useful not only to the […]


CryptXXX ransomware providing keys free! Or is it a bug?

What might sound as unbelievable to most, CryptXXX ransomware is distributing decryption keys for free, without taking any money from the victims. In case you were one of the victims foxed by CryptXXX ransomware and have your data locked, you […]

Satana Ransomware encrypts User Files and replaces MBR

Satana is the latest ransomware threat for Windows PC users. It is actually a Ransomware which encrypts your files as well as the MBR (Master Boot Record) leaving your Windows device unable to load. Satana brings a boot locker along […]


EduCrypt Ransomware teaches Internet users a much needed lesson

With the rise in the Internet usage, the security threats have also increased. It is every day that we come across the new type of virus, ransomware, and malware. EduCrypt is yet another new Ransomware, but it begs to differ […]

Locky ransomware

Locky ransomware is back with a bang in Japan, US & South Korea

The infamous Locky ransomware has struck again. Released in February 2016, the ransomware had affected all versions of Windows OS, such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and even Windows 10. The ransomware is now back with […]


Crypto-ransomware attacks rose 5.5 times during 2015-16, says Kaspersky

According to a study conducted by Kaspersky Lab, crypto-ransomware attacks have seen a tremendous growth in the recent months. In the year 2015-16 alone, the attacks have shockingly increased 5.5 times in comparison with the same period during the year […]


New ransomware targets Office 365 users in Australia

Malware and ransomware mostly find their way to our machine via email. After a little work to fix the problem we dismiss it just as an attempt to access data. In reality, the situation is more worrisome. It is more […]

New ransomware

Link (.lnk) to Ransom, a new ransomware, threatens Windows users

Recently, a new ransomware was detected by Microsft, which could be a huge threat to Windows users. According to Microsoft Malware Protection Center, this new malware Ransom:Win32/ZCryptor.A shows worm-like behavior. Moreover, this ransom leverages removable and network drives to spread itself […]

TeslaCrypt ransomware shuts down; Master Key released

In a surprising move, developers of TeslaCrypt ransomware have made their malware defunct. The developers of the ransomware have changed the message on their last operation site and rendered an unconditional apology for the inconvenience caused to all whose data […]

How to stay safe from ransomware

Microsoft participates in Swiss Government’s Ransomware Info Day

The Swiss Government observed a Ransomware Info Day today, on May 19th, 2016. This is an initiative by the Swiss Internet Security Alliance to increase awareness regarding ransomware and help people protecting themselves from it. Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC) […]


Chinese language Ransomware is on the rise

When it comes to cyber-attacks, Ransomware is the latest breed which is threatening both individuals and corporates. This particular breed of cyber-attack has made many millions of dollars from all across the world. According to computer experts, the use of […]

Cerber Ransomware emerging as a major threat

A study reveals, the Cerber ransomware attacks have been showing an upward trend continuously. The ransomware mainly exploits a security flaw that targets PCs running on Windows. When infected, the data on infected computers becomes encrypted with AES encryption and […]


FBI talks of Ransomware & offers tips on dealing with it

We have been seeing a lot of Ransomware incidents and the word is that Ransomware is also being offered in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS) model. FBI has now warned people about the sharp rise in the […]


Petya Ransomware overwrites MBR and locks you out

Do NOT open any suspicious job application from your mailbox. It could be the Petya ransomware, discovered lately by security firm Trend Micro. Petya Ransomware is a new malicious program which overwrites the MBR (Master Boot Record) of your PC […]

CTB-Locker Ransomware hijacks the entire BACP website

The latest news reports suggest that the BACP or British Association for Counseling & Psychotherapy website has been hit by a variant of the CTB-Locker ransomware. The variant of ransomware,from the family of CTB-Locker, is actually the first ever ransomware […]

Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware Beta available for download

Ransomware has become a growing threat in today’s online word for small businesses. This variant of malicious software empowers cybercriminals using malware in bogus email to freeze computer files of a user until a ransom is paid. In the face […]