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NewsPad Blogging Tool released by Microsoft as Open Source

Fuse Labs, a research arm of Microsoft. FUSE, which is the shortened form of Future Social Experiences Labs is an applied research team that ideates, aims to develop, and deliver new social, real-time, media-rich experiences for home and work. They […]

Microsoft Research releases Interactive City Panorama of Seattle

Capturing a panoramic view, at one point of time was a technique that photographers intensely practiced to master. This involved stitching series of pictures to represent them as a continuous scene. Today, this very task can be completed in minutes […]

Microsoft Research predicts 2013 Oscar Winners

It was just a few days back that we posted about how Microsoft Researchers were secretly working on a new project to develop a software capable of revealing tomorrow’s news today. Now comes the news that Microsoft Research is using a […]

Experimental Microsoft software will reveal tomorrow’s news today

Microsoft Researchers are secretly working on a new project, a project to develop a software capable of detecting disease or violence outbreaks by spotting clues in news reports. The project is a joint venture of Microsoft and Technion – Israel […]

Microsoft closing down South Korean R&D lab?

Microsoft’s Research and Development (R&D) unit based in South Korea will be disbanded by the end of next month. As per the report, Microsoft announced last year to move the headquarters for its Asia-Pacific Research and development center to Beijing. […]

Potatoes substitute for people in in-flight Wi-Fi testing

Did you know Potatoes are being used as unusual substitute for plane passengers for testing its in-flight Wi-Fi system? And that Boeing is using these humble Potatoes for testing? Many of the airlines offer in-flight Wi-Fi on their flights and […]

Microsoft launches 14 Innovation Centers in India

The first wave of 14 Microsoft Innovation Centers were launched in India today. Microsoft has signed MOUs with select colleges & technology institutes in India, across four states. These MICs will act as innovation hubs for Microsoft, and will impact over […]

Microsoft shows promising breakthrough in Speech Translation Technology

In a breakthrough discovery, Microsoft has managed to develop a system that translates someone’s speech into another language real time with the translated voice being played back instantly in the speaker’s own voice! This was a fruitful product of the […]

Microsoft To Build Zero Carbon Data Center In March 2013

Microsoft is soon going to build a Zero Carbon Data Center in the US state of Wyoming. This would be a biogas powered data center and would reportedly be the first of its kind. This unusual data center of Microsoft […]

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Microsoft Research unveils IllumiShare for remote sharing of objects

The good people over at Microsoft Research never fail to impress us with their sometimes-small-yet-meaningful innovations. Be it flying a device with a fan inside the office walls or a new social media platform,, they are always up to something new […]

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Begin-Understand-Imagine-Lead-Deploy : That’s Microsoft BUILD for you!

The aftermath of the Microsoft BUILD Conference can be seen everywhere. Windows 8 is the mantra. Those who have it are busy playing with the cool Metro Apps and preparing for the Marketplace. Those who don’t are fantasizing about the […]

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2011 will see a rise in Digi-Shoppers in India, Microsoft study reports

2011 will see a rise in value conscious shoppers in India, predicts Global Retail Index –  a new study commissioned by Microsoft Advertising and Aegis Media. The New Age shoppers in India are relying on digital media for research before […]

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Microsoft and Wikipedia come together to launch wikiBhasha

Microsoft Research today announced the launch of the beta version of WikiBhasha, a multilingual content creation tool for Wikipedia. The WikiBhasha tool enables contributors to Wikipedia to find content from other Wikipedia articles, translate the content into other languages, and […]