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Security Reinforce for Windows XP

Advanced System Care Free offers Security Reinforce for Windows XP

The latest version of IObit Advanced SystemCare v7.3 is out. This version comes equipped with brand a new security feature – Security Reinforce for XP. Yes, IObit’s system optimizing software continues to extend protection to Windows’ outdated and support-lacking Windows XP. […]

Microsoft security patches

Windows XP to get final bunch of security patches this Tuesday

Microsoft via its Security Bulletin Advance Notification announced that it will be shipping out updated versions of the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, security, Non-security and high-priority updates, this Tuesday, 8th April. 8th April is also the day Microsoft […]

Microsoft highlights Windows 8.1 client security features

Windows 8.1 seems to be focusing a lot on the client security features as it has a lot to offer the consumers, in terms of a secured OS. Information security is the key criteria for a customer while choosing an […]

windows 8.1

Microsoft details security improvements to Windows 8.1

As we close on the release of much talked about Windows 8.1, Microsoft is undertaking several steps to ensure that the release is a success all across. Recently at the Black Hat 2013, Microsoft revealed some of the important security developments […]

Browser Addon for Chrome & Firefox Hijacks Social Media Accounts

Hackers can now hack your social networking accounts and update your status, chat with your friends, invite them on your behalf and much more. Trend Micros has recently detected a new malware hijacking the social networking accounts such as Twitter, Facebook […]

Study reveals vulnerabilities in top 50 popular WordPress plugins

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in use today. It powers more than 60 million websites and 18% of the Web. What makes it even better is the sheer number of plugins which improve upon its functionality and add to […]

PC tools antivirus

Symantec kills PC Tools product line, including Spyware Doctor

Symantec, the security software vendor, recently killed its PC Tools security product lines. It was in October 2008 that Symantec had acquired PC Tools, a global provider of security and utility products, including the then popular Spyware Doctor. The announcement can […]

Microsoft establishes MARS – a consolidated Cyber Crime center

Cyber crime is a menace. Underlining the need to prevent all forms of criminal activities on the world wide web in its own interests, Microsoft recently rolled up its sleeves and announced MARS (Microsoft Active Response for Security). This consolidated […]

Yahoo XSS Exploit On Sale At $700 – Yahoo Mail Users At Risk

If you use Yahoo mail, better think for a minute before clicking any link in your email. Millions of Yahoo mail users have been now put at risk. If anyone wants to hijack Yahoo email account, there is a new exploit available for […]

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Microsoft launches website

Microsoft has launched a new website to show you how your browser helps keep you secure online. The site provides you with resources to improve your online security and increase protection from socially engineered malware threats like phishing attacks. The website provides […]